9mm propelling cartridge for german made STEN SMG's

Ive got some very interesting interrogation reports regarding german trial rifle grenades.
Very interesting is the interrogation report handling the 9mm propelling cartridge for german made ( or captured ) STEN SMG’s.
Major Hartmann was a leading developement officer in Hillersleben and he gave us a good description how this cartridge was look alike.
Here is the important part of the report.

They want a cartridge that couldt be easily hand loaded - It wouldt be simpler to use a simply folded blank.

Abybody has an unknown 9mm blank with neck and yellow wood bullet ??? :-)


Thanks!!! Great info.

I have never seen or heard of such a blank. There is a very long GFL crimped blank that is obviously hand loaded but it is dated decades after WWII. I hope someone out there has one.



Lew if you never seen or heard of one - the chance is low. But may be someone read this and remember the unknown round he has in a drawer :-).

Lets hope so. It would be great for one to show up. At least if one does, we will know what it is!



Out of the curious shape - it might be miss-ID as an movie blank.