9mm RIP?

Who makes this version of the RIP 9mm round. The mid section of the case is slightly magnetic, and the headstamp is S3 9MM LUGER.

Jon, it was made by G2 Research, Inc., the same manufacturer as the regular brass cased variant. The case was made by Shell Shock Technologies LLC.



It seems that for the past 6 months or so that G2 has been using the SST cases on their loaded ammo.

I was told that G2 originally ordered the SST cases with their headstamp and loaded them with cold tracers or one of their non-RIP bullets. I never could get an example Apparently they are now using the SST’s for their RIP loads. Too bad they dropped their own headstamp.


I’ll have a couple of these at SLICS if you need.


Do you mean you have the SST cases (cartridges) with “G2” Headstamp?

John M.

The headstamp is faint and shallow, and doesn’t photograph well, but it is definitely S3 9MM LUGER.

O,K. So, those were not the exact rounds Lew was speaking of, I think. If I read his remarks correctly, he is looking for rounds with the G2 headstamp, whatever that might have been. I have never seen it myself.

John M.

These I guess?
It appears G2 has 6 petals while S3 headstamped one has 8. Or is that the evolution of one and the same?

Source internet:

I heard from two sources including one of the owners of G2 that they had bought SST cases with a G2 headstamp and were loading them with something other than their RIP bullet. When I checked back they were all sold.

John M is correct, I am looking for an SST case with a G2 headstamp!


Me to!

John M.

The Civic Duty rd is the non-fragmenting version of the R.I.P. which has only 6 petals, compared to the 8 segments of the R.I.P. which break off upon impact. I have only seen G2 using the SST cases on recent RIP ammo from the past several months, but not Civic Duty yet. The only other 9mm things that G2 could be loading would be their VIP line of cold tracers, or the “Telos” fragmenting SCHP. I have not seen either of those with SST cases though, but that might only be due to distributors slowly moving the older product out. None of this stuff sells very big these days since there are so many other advanced SCHP options for relatively lower prices than G2’s stuff.

Matt, thanks! I was not aware that the concept of both is entirely different.

Matt, I have seen the Civil Duty loaded in SST cases, but only in promotional pictures from early 2018.

G2 does like to tinker with things. I saw a promotional video showing .45 Colt RIP ammo, but they never got any to market.

Added this one in my collection today, no RIP but looks like a 9mm short bullet. Very strong magnetic bullet too. Total weight 129.1 grain.

I cannot find any information about this one.

G3 = Shell Shock Technologies But the bullet?

I don’t think it is a factory load; looks like an European .380 Auto bullet.

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