9mm Rocket Cartridges


In 1945 Col Jarrett found 11 9mm Rocket cartridges in the Carl Walther’s desk drawer. Subsequently other rounds turned up, and the British, US, French (apparently) and others made versions of these rounds. I am putting material together for a presentation at SLICS 2007 on the German 9mm Rockets and their decendents (I will not try to cover the Gyrojets and a few similar items that came much later).

I’m looking for information, good photos of actual specimens but most importantly, original source data. I have pretty good data from the British, and some from the US Navy, and some good info on some of the Czech efforts. I hope to soon receive information on the French project.

I have only a small amount of data on the German efforts and am extremely interested in any information on the German effort, particularly original German documents. I understand there is a CIOS (Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee) report on DWM that includes a critical drawing. Any help in obtaining a copy of this document would be appreciated.

I’m also interested in documenting with photos (of complete round and of the individual parts) and measurements any confirmed fakes of this round (apparently many have been made).

If you have one or more of these rounds I would appreciate a set of photos assembled side view, a rear view and a view of the disassembled round along with the total length and the diameter as accruately as you can measure. Once this is all over, I will make data on the rockets available on my web site for all to see.

All help appreciated!!! Lew


For those who haven’t seen one, here is a German Rocket!


MINE- Still loaded. All the fakes known to me are machined. Wayne Markov had several made during the 80s. They were supposed to be marked replica but marks can go astray. None of the ones which I saw at Wayne’s were coated and were the short type. This appears to be phosphated.

Some thought from Lew: “All of the rockets were turned, not drawn. Your’s isn’t actually a Walther rocket, but what I think is a DWM rocket from the same timeframe. Very nice item! There are 5 known lengths in the DWM, and also 5 lengths (apparently) in the Walther. The two differ by the washer between the nozzle and the body that is clearly visable on your rocket”.


Are you going to do the 9mm VanHee rocket?


No I don’t plan on discussing the Van Hee effort