9mm rocketed to near-space

I don’t usually care much for all the novelty / promotion stuff that is made just for social-network buzz, but I thought that this feat was a pretty good effort by the guys at Ammoman.com (an ammo retailer). They set up a weather balloon with a 9mm cartridge on a platform, and sent it aloft to 120,000 ft with a GoPro camera. The highest a 9x19 cartridge has ever been? Probably:


Still not as high as 9x18. Russian spacecraft apparently carry Makarov pistols. There was also a Russian break-action survival gun called the TP-82 which was used aboard spacecraft as well as conventional aircraft.

Is there anything from official sources on firearms aboard US space craft? Would the Apollo capsules have had a 1911 on board in case of accidental landing in Soviet controlled waters?

I got a little dizzy just watching the video…