9mm S 2000 3 headstamp identified

This headstamp showed up a number of years ago and there has been a lot of speculation on it’s origin.


Over time it has been speculated that it was produced in Syria or Macedonia. John Moss with his sharp eye thought the headstamp looked like it may have been made by CBC in Brazil, but they denied producing this headstamp, which turns out to be true.

Now we have a pretty solid identification, thanks to Fede and the AACMA. This round was made by Santa Barbara S.A. in Ecuador on equipment that was supplied by MAGTECH (CBC) so John was on the right track afterall.

The link to further data on this identification is available at


Lew, I still remember your face when you saw this box! That specific box was used during the 2009 Panamerican IPSC competition celebrated in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

This cartridge is used by the Ecuatorian forces in Glock 17 pistols and MP5 and Uzi smg. Santa Bárbara also produces a smg named PAME-SB or PAME 90. At this moment the company is also offering 6.35 mm Browning, .32 S&W Long, 5.56 x 45, 7.62 x 51 and shotshells in various calibers.

By the way, Santa Bárbara in Christian mythology is the patron saint of the artillerymen.


By the way, Santa Bárbara in Christian mythology is the patron saint of the artillerymen.[/quote]

…and EODs and miners.
4th of December is her (our) day…

Excellent work with identifying this one. I hit a brick wall and gave up on it. Thanks!!!

Here is another headstamp style by this company that reads SB 9. Picture dates from c. 2014.

There are at least two more headstamps styles by this company made using machinery and/or tooling supplied by CBC. One reads 9 mm LUGER SB 02 and the other SB 05 9mm (also known with a 08 date).


Thanks Fede,

Three more headstamps I need to look for, all from a country that I have zero 9mm cartridges.


I took some pictures of the box:








Fede - fabulous box and fabulous pictures. Thank you. This headstamp seems to be one of those that is virtually impossible to find; in fact all of the Ecuadorian 9 mm rounds seem not to exist for collectors. :-( Like Lew, I have no cartridges from Ecuador in my collection, of any auto pistol caliber (are their others???), and in fact, have never even seen an actual cartridge, only the photographs from Lew and this site.

John Moss