9mm something ID - most likely for illegally converted less-lethal weapons



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From IAA forum.

-> IAA Forum - Forensic : July 22, 2018 : That usually are shortenend or otherwise altered cases from 9x22 PAK Blanks and than loaded with lead or zink and also seen loaded with steel ballbearings.
I have several, coming from Libanon, Irak and Turkeye with or without headstamp. The hs is not important, as the maker of the cases with headstamps are not the actual loaders of this manipulated form with “bullets” on. I have them with Escort and Platin headstamp, and without.

Johnmoss : July 22, 2018 : My understanding was that these cartridges, and the “converted” (formally) less-than-lethal guns that fired them, were a criminal enterprise. I have heard mixed opinions of the country of origin of these conversions, though. I firmly believe they are related, and while their crudeness may rule out complete interchangeability, they are all very, very similar to each other, too much in my view to be a coincidence. Also, they show up most with the Escort and Platin headstamps, of course original to the cartridges in their initial loading, and meaning nothing, as said above, on the converted rounds.

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