9MM Star Question .... for French Pistolet Automatic


9MM Star Question … for Pistolet Automatic … I have a rough but still mostly sealed box French 9MM shells … are they rim fire ??? … any idea of a close value on this box of shells ?
Thanks Doug


Since the caliber of this ammunition is 9 mm Bergmann-Bayard,
called 9 mm Largo in Spain where Star and other brands of pistols
were commonly chambered for that caliber, I assume the "STAR"
refers to that brand of pistols, and is used to differentiate the box
from those of the same design and similar labeling for 9 mm Para,
9 mm Browning Long, etc.

I have the same box, which has a little added label on one side,
“prix imposés tarif en cours.” I assume that might have to do
with export/import taxes, but perhaps a French-speaker might
translate that for us. If I am correct, it would make sense on a
caliber primarily of interest for sales in Spain. If I translated it
wrong, then it is back to the drawing board, although I don’t know
what other mean “STAR” would have in context with this box of
ammo and the caliber it is.

John Moss


Bonjour John
Translation is roughly : imposed price actual value!


taxed rate on the price listing


Thanks. Would that apply to domestic sales, or is it a statement
of the basis for taxation on an export? I ask because I have a fair
number of this style of SFM/Gevelot box in various calibers, and most
do not have this label.

john Moss


This box also has the label on the side … Could I get a close value on this partially sealed full box … as it is not something I collect … and may trade later on …