9mm Steyr box, hla?

Yesterday I found this box far deep in my collection. Its a box with 16 cartridges 9mm Steyr. 165,4 grain total weight, magnetic projectile. No headstamp. The box has no label but there is a stamp visible, at least 9mm Steyr, and possible hla?

Who can tell me more about tis box / cartridges?






This is a box sold in old times by Frankonia, with 9mm Steyr ammo in it…
Now it is stuffed with someones 7,62x25 Tokarev of russian origin with no headstamp.
This has nothing to do with 9mm Steyr, except it was one day a box for that caliber…

what you want to see as hla is in reality FRANKONIA

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Thanks a lot Forensic! I’d overlook the calibre, stupid enough!


A very interesting box, with the stamped label. One I have never seen before and was not included in a book I compiled on the 9 x 23 mm cartridges.

Since the 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev cartridge is slightly longer than the Steyr round, and they seem to fit the Steyr box very well (in height), it opens the likelihood that this box was originally holding two, 8-round stripper clips for the Steyr M11/M12 pistol (also used with an Austrian SMG with built-in magazine-filler in the magazine housing on the side).

Thanks to Jaco for posting this, and Forensic for his identification.

John Moss