9mm Swiss rimfire 1874

Very interesting box of 9 mm rimfire from the Eidgenössische Laboratorium in Thun, later called Eidg. Munitionsfabrik.
I can not say if the cases have any hst, as the box is unopened and I have no intention to do it. Probably copper cases.
I know of 7.5 and 10.4 Swiss rimfire revolver boxes, but had never seen that one before.
The picture will be soon available, merci Paul.

Here is the box for J-F’s post.


Nice box! Even I wouldn’t open that one. Mostly, though, because of the manner in which it is sealed. I have a nice box of 1950 Turkish 9 mm Kisa Browning (.380 Auto, 9 mm Kurz, 9 mm Court, 9 mm Scurt, 9 mm Corto) that because of the paper sealing, there is no way to tell how the box is constructed; ergo, no way to know how to open it without hacking it to pieces. It came out of the Korean War, along with a Kirrikkale-Walther PP with its holster and spare mag, which I used to have. I acquired them altogether, but when I sold my original pistol collection, I kept all the ammo items. I am dying to know what is in it - probably a well-know, common headstamp - but won’t chance opening it.

I would not open that lovely Swiss box for much the same reasons, even though I put little stock in owning full boxes, generally speaking. Sometimes it is best to leave them alone.

At any rate, great find! Thanks for sharing. Out of my field, but great to see it and be able to file the info.

J-F, great box, thanks for sharing. The cartridges found in these boxes are reported to be the ones having an unpatched lead bullet, necked copper case and headstamped T (raised inside circular depression). Regards, Fede.