9mm where did it come from?

Where did this come from? I think it’s Italian. What was it designed to be shot out of.


Swedish made short range cartridges for SMGs.

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I believe that is of Swedish origin, made in 1973. It is a black plastic projectile with a steel ball in the tip.

IAA list the headstamp as: Ammunitionsfabriken Karlsborg, (Nammo/Vanäsverken), Sweden (also FFV Vanasverken, Karlsborg). My understanding is that the leading 0 indicates this was for export.

That looks like the packing.

Wow, either I type slow or you guys type incredibly fast!

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Darren, normally exported Swedish ammo was supposed to have a different manufacturer ID as their military codes were no subject to export. At least I saw this on larger calibers.
Likely there were exceptions but I do not know how these were handled.
Surplus of course is excluded from it all.

I’d go for “spending too much time on the forum”…

Hi Alex - that was my understanding of the leading zero being applied. The drawings on the last image you posted show the manufacturer ID as being 26 and 70, which would have been changed to 026 and 070 respectively for export.

I cannot recall if I read this somewhere or someone told me. Of course, I could be wrong. It would be good if someone could provide a definitive answer.

Darren, this may be just a missperception. The Swedes have changed their lot number system which was all merged into one longer number.There they started using a 3-digit numerical system which is identifying the factory by it’s first 3 digits followed by the year (2 digits) and by the actual lot.
These lot numbers would have become unreadable if factory codes had changing amounts of digits. So all 2-digit factory codes received a “0” in front to make it 3-digit.

And as you can see in the page from the manual the lot numbers on the boxes there also start with a “0”. Unlikely they would show export lots there.

Thank you for the clarification Alex.

You cannot tell the date of manufacture of blanks (red bullet) and training short-range rounds (black bullet with a steel ball molded into the tip) by the dates on the headstamps, because these rounds were loaded on reject and surplus cases. It would be perfectly possible to open a box of these loads and find 50 different headstamps in on box, with different Swedish Arsenal numbers, as well as various Svenska Metallwerken and Norma commercial or contract headstamps. You need the box label to know the loading factory and loading date.

John Moss

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Thank s John - I’ll add that to my notes.

That is the 36 round stripper clip for the Swedish M-45 submachine gun.

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