9mm WTP?


Got a new 9x19 at Williamsport, please help with ID:
Ball, GM, brass case, nickel primer, red pr seal.


Your photo has been deleted, but depending on the date, it is a Wichester contract for Taiwan, some of which was sold commercially in the U.S. I had a full box of it, but not in the Chinese contract box, unfortunately. I suspect the WTP stands for “Winchester Taiwan Police,” but that is a guess. There was a “TP” bunter made, but I have not heard of it being found on an actual cartridge. That’s why I think it means what I said. Probably the “TP” was just “Taiwan Police.” Just an educated guess. I could be wrong. While I have documentation in the box label and some other factory papers about the source and who it was for, I have NO documentation backing up my guess about what the letters mean.

John Moss


Pic reposted.


O.K. Picture now viewed. That is the Winchester load. I don’t know if any of it was delivered to Taiwan or if it was a failed contract. Many contracts for the Taiwan police have failed for one reason or another. I think they are probably very hard to business with. As found in America, this specific headstamp was basically sold as commercial ball ammo - not for any US military or police purpose. The bunter, which is all I have documentation for, was originally made up for Taiwan, however. It was sold in U.S. military-style 50-round boxes of buff cardboard with, I believe, a styrofoam insert. The box had markings like a contract box, with the “Keep out of Reach of Children” admonition, and other commercial-type markings, as I recall. I will try to remember to check that tomorrow also. I have the box in my collection.

John Moss


I have checked my box for the WRP headstamp, and was correct. It is a dark tan (buff) box with only black print, but has the commercial winchester logo across the top lid (long, black strip with three black lines above it going clear across the top of the lid, end in the “mounted rider” at the far right, and with the trademark printing of “Winchester” enclosed within the right side of the black strip. It has the commercial-style back printing with liability statement as well as the usual (these days) lead warning, and a full Olin - Winchester address across the bottom back. The front has the “Keep out of Reach of Children” statement.

It was sold under the index number of Q4260, which is printed on the end flaps along with the caliber and bullet weight information common to commercial boxes (115 grain FMJ).

The stuff found in America is purely commercial.

John Moss