9mm WWSAP on Egun, nice joke


And they say that Germans don’t have a sense of humor :)


It lists an ‘experimental’ 9x19 para round in Sterling Silver with an armor piercing core. The reason for it’s development:

“The head stamp reads WWSAP, this designates ‘Werewolf Silver Armor Piercing’. It was developed in 2010 and evolved as a result of the recent discovery of werewolves with bullet proof vests, so that normal silver bullets are no longer effective”.


Note he also has a silver bullet with a wooden core, headstamp SHPV * 9mm *(Silver Wooden Stake Vampire).


Guess these two will not make my 9x19mm hst guide!



Hollywood destroys a brain.

You will laugh, but when I have purchased Finnish 7.62x39 with blue wooden bullets, the Russian customs officers have seized a parcel and the inspector called to me to learn that it. I have joked that it is aspen bullets for hunting for vampires, but the inspector has not understood my joke. He has decided that I tell the truth.

p.s. Interestingly, the seller has blessing of Vatican?


Good to see that Finnish ‘smurfkillers’ are illegal in Russia too :)


No, it there were inert cartridges. Simply customs officers didn’t know that there are wooden bullets. Still they didn’t like colour. Customs officers have told that colour was very mad. Such colour strongly angered them. :)


Don’t mess with the smurf’s…