9mm x 19 CBAP?


Is this bullet real or fake ? it looks like a 9mm x 19 CBAP High-Velocity Armour-Piercing Mark 1 SMG (UK) but comparing the bullet to the photo of one on Conjay’s site this one looks too dull. The case is fired and the headstamp is 9 x19 (+) RG 98 and the marks on the primer would have been made by an H&K SMG.


Simon, I have never seen a Conjay load in a RG case, but it is possible. I have never documented that actual color.

The best thing to do is weigh it and post the result. I will check the weights on my various CBAP loads for comparison.





I’ve pulled the bullet and it weighs 116.5 grains/7.55 grams. If I was a betting man I’d say it’s a fake (or to be more kind a replica.)


I think you have a “replica” and not a very good one. All the CBAP rounds I have (12 different) weigh between 150gr & 160gr overall, with most being either 150gr or 155gr.

I weighed 4 different CBAP bullets and they weighed 83gr (2 of them), 109gr and 112gr. In addition, all the CBAP have a relatively pointed bullet ogive while your photo shows a much blunter (typical British Military) ogive.




Is it at least a copper-clad steel jacket to produce a magnetic attraction (to feign a steel core)?


No magnetic attraction. At least I didn’t pay much for it.

Gentlemen, thanks for your help.


Simon, If it makes you feel better we all have some of these lying around we bought at one time or another. I have two rounds that I keep in my collection just to remind myself of this fact.

In the late 1960s I obtained from Europe two dummies headstamped FN 49 and FN 50. The nickel plated version is relatively common, but these were coated with black and red teflon respectively. About a year later I realized that both black and red teflon was available in spray cans and creating these dummies from the nickel plated originals is a work of moments.

The red one is somewhat scratched and it does not appear to be nickel plated, but rather a dull brown-perhaps from some chemical used to remove the plating so that the teflon would stick better.

What are they??? Perhaps a serious attempt by an individual or organization to see if teflon would make the dummies more functional? Equally they could be something put together to tempt the collection, perhaps me or perhaps the person I got them from???

I have never seen, or heard of another pair like these two but the existance of a couple of more would not be a surprise.

I keep them to remind me not to get too surprised or to invest to heavily in an “exotic” item.