9mm x 19 ID needed

Haven’t a clue about this 9mm X 19, ID needed please…France ?

Bullet weight 128 grains

Case weight 22 grains

Annulus is Black

Berdan primed.

The case is aluminum (aluminium)?

It looks like the well known French aluminum case round, but mine have no pa color seal. I can’t recall seeing one with a pa color.

There is also a Swiss unheadstamped aluminum case but it has a distinctive case mouth crimp.

There is a CCI unheadstamped aluminum case, but with a very large primer.

Can’t recall any other aluminum cases without a headstamp.



PS: Just realized, it is probably British from the trials in the 1940s & 1950s. Many of these had no headstamp and some had colored bases or pa (particularly the Kynoch rounds). I have a very similar case but no primer, from these trials.

Besides, the ogive on the bullet looks typically British. VERY NICE item!!!


Thanks Gents, for the info.