9mmk Headstamps and one 7,65

Hi, i’m new to this forum and i have a couple of 9mmk i can’t identify.
Was wondering if any of you guys knew anything about them…

number 1


number 3

number 4

number 5

And the 7,65: witch is barely readable… anyone able to identify it and possibly have a picture of one that is not so damaged?

I’m fairly new to collecting so bare with me if this is common knowledge… :)

And i’m from Norway. (in case anyone doesn’t understand me) :):)

Hello Kresto

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Your rounds are from Sellier & Bellot Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) Factory in Vlasim
The year and month of production is in the head stamp. Month III is March.
SBP, Sellier & Bellot, Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) Factory in Vlasim
The “Z” is made by Zbrojovka Brno, Brno, Czechoslovakia

Your DWM is a lacquered steel made during WW2, 479A is the case #

Perhaps a helpful link;


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Thanks :)

Dutch didn’t mention that your 7.65 mm Browning (.32 Auto Cartridge) with lacquered-steel case was made at the Berlin-Borsigwalde plant of Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G., not at Karlsruhe. (Dutch did NOT say it was made at Karlsruhe - he simply didn’t mention the factory).

Dear friend, you are right…… but not alway’s Berlin. -:)

Again, Dutch is correct. Lacquered-steel case 765 mm Browning ammunition was made at Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, Herstal, under the German occupation and the stewardship of DWM who owned the factory, I believe, through stock control, even before the occupation. The 7.65s made at FN have the DWM headstamp and were made in 1942, 1943 and 1944.

Gustave Benschow & Cie. (GECO) also made lacquered steel case 7.65 mm Browning, as did Ateliers de Construction de Tarbes, in France, during the German Occupation, using the code “pyj” on the headstamp. Société Française des Munitions did as well, but the only dates I recall seeing in their production are Post-WWII, 1946 and 1947. I don’t collect dates, so there could be others. Sellier & Bellot of Czechoslovakia made it also with the SBP headstamp, but I forget off hand if that was wartime production, or post-war.

While I have no regard for the caliber as a pistol cartridge for self-defense, or any other use for that matter, the 7.65 mm Browning is a nice cartridge for collections. Not quite as varied as, say, the 9 mm Para, but plenty of interesting stuff there to collect. I like the three “pocket calibers” (6.35 mm/.25 A.C.P., 7.65 mm Browning/.32 A.C.P. and 9 mm Kurz (Court, Skurt, Corto, short, Kisa, etc.) very much and have since I started collecting.

Dutch - since you are really a 7.9 collector, you should send me that nice 7.65 Browning DWM Herstal box so it will be in the right collection! :-)

John, if I give this box somebody, it is your wife.
She made a great breakfast the last time I visit your home. :-)

Is that box scarce? The round itself is pretty common, I believe, so what happened to all the boxes?

FN was founded to produce the Belgian M1889 7.65 mm Mauser rifle. FN interpreted its license different from Loewe/DWM’s intentions, so Loewe decided to buy the company. Obviously a much faster way to solve this problem than legal proceedings. DWM owned FN until the end of WW1 when the Belgians disposessed FN.
In WW2 the Germans rolled this back and called it DWM Werk Lüttich. Lüttich is the German name for Liege/Luik of which Herstal is a suburb.