9mmL Speer Gold Dot 124-gr. +P primer stamped "A"

I got these two 124-gr. +P Gold Dots. One has a plain primer, the other primer has a small “A” imprinted.
Does anyone know why the A is ‘head stamped’ in the primer??


This was the result of a batch of defective CCI primers around the time of the early 2000s which resulted in occasional misfires. There was a product recall and for a time subsequent CCI primer production had an ‘A’ marked on the primer to show it was from a ‘healthy’ batch. This practice finished after they were satisfied the defective batch was no longer a problem. I believe Speer Gold Dot ammo was a specific issue and target of this recall at the time.


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EMZ is absolutely right. It was a police contract, but was found
in practice shooting by police that there were occasional misfires.
I think only one Police Force was involved and the problem was
found quickly, but I am not certain of that. An accommodation was
,made with that Department, and all remaining stocks of those primers
were disposed of, but as EMZ said, new batches were stamped with the
“A” for the reason he gave.

John M.

Thanks gentlemen for the information!
I’ve understood that the 124-gr. +P Gold Dot is one of the most popular 9mmL loadings for law enforcement agencies in the US. It’s duty load of NYPD and many others.

I experience the Speer Gold Dot as very reliable. Never had a misfire with both types in about ten years. There is another difference between the two shown cases as Speer used another bunter too.

When you think you know it all, there’s always an exception to the rule.
I found this brass cased 124-gr Gold Dot (not +P). The hollow point seems to differ just a little bit compared to the nickel-plated specimen.
Is there any difference between the two?

My apologizes for the bad quality of the pics. They were made with mu smart phone, because I can’t find my normal camera!