9mmLuger Libra and 8mm Luger Libra

On the webpage LIBRAAS.com I found, that he produces now 9mm Luger ammo with the hs LIBRA & A.T…but only on 9Luger rounds with his Extra sport bullet. They claim, that on 25Meters there is only a 24mm (less than 1") variation in hits.

But on looking for more info on this, I found out, that the AT stands for Adam TYC, a sports shooter…and from the box I found out, that they all are made by FIOCCHI…

Besides that, I found an interesting point on the website…he is offering an 8mm Luger (it seems to be a necked up 7,65 Para/Luger). The offered bullets for this ammo are given as SNAIL AP…but stated: Currently not to be delivred…

Otherwise he is offering original SNAIL AP bullets in 9mm Luger size in weights of 2,9 and 6,5gramm on his components website…
but they must be funny, as he as example is asking for 9mm Blank ammo for Blankguns (ammo made from white Plastic) 1500 Krc for 50!!! rounds…(which is about 50Euros or more than 60USD).
My dealerprice for similar ammo from Italy or Germany is at 140 to 150 Euros per 1000!!

I do not know, how he like to made business with such prices far away from normal…
(On the IWA he refused an offer for 1000Euros for 50 dummy-rounds of snail)

If anybody knews more about this 8mm, I would be happy to get more info

PP Forensic

I’m interested in obtaining any 9mmP sidearm that can make that accuracy claim with any ammunition, even from a machine rest.

I’ve seen several full custom handfitted pistols with specific ammo have a hard time making sub 2" groups at 25m.

Forensic, Thanks for the info. The 8mm Luger case is very interesting-Would like to see some of these myself. It is also interesting that the only bullet they list for it is the 8mm Snail AP! It is also interesting that they list components for a few other calibers (7.65x25, 9x21) that they do not offer as loaded ammunition.

I couldn’t find any indication of a “LIBRA & AT” headstamp on the site. I have some of these AT rounds in the collection but all have more common headstamps.

Thanks for the meaning of AT!



How about ssomeone posting a picture of an “AT” round so the rest of us will know what we’re talking about. I am not as up on 9 mm as I used to be, and I don’t know what this is at all.

This is a picture of the LIBRA & A.T. 9 mm LUGER headstamp on a Extra Sport Adam Tyc 8 g load:

Fede, Cool. Nice headstamp. The 9 mm Para “Headstamp of the minute.”

Still need a picture of the cartridge in profile to know what the “AT” ammo is all about!?

Here it is:

Thanks Fede - you are an absolute Wonder. I nominate you for title of Champion cartridge researcher of the 21st Century.

I’ll have to check my collection. I may even have something with this type bullet.

John, I took the box picture from Libra’s website. Note that this brass jacketed version of the Extra Sport bullet has its nose marked with the “Lv” logo for Vlastimil Libra.

Are the 9 x 21 cases headstamped “LIBRA&A.T.” ???

Would be very interested to get a sample! Even a good picture of the ehadstamp would be OK for my records

I havent seen a 9x21 from Libra with a …A.T. Headstamp
and i have an intermediate Box from the EXTRA SPORT, without the red imprint A.T…

The intermediate box does contains the EXTRA SPORT rounds with th A.T. headstamp, BUT DOES NOT BEAR the Lv on top of the bullet. Sofar I havent seen such a variation here…but maybe in 14 days in STOKY-Czech Meeting…


Peter, the one I have seen has a brass jacket but it isn’t marked either.

Hi guys,
I enclosed a photos of box 9 mm Luger Extra Sport from Czech country.

Does anybody here know czech, in written form?

Thx for this photos. Already an other hs and maybe made directly in Czech republic. Definitiv not longer made by Fiocchi. Are they made from SB?? Using the insignia of VL on primer and the bullet-front…Save me some , for STOKY…But no longer mentioning the AT mark in headstamp…as before…

to Forensic:
Yes, rounds are made in Czech rep. direct in Libra company. Libra manufactures cases and bullets themselves, also another calibers…

Libra offers brass cases in 9 x 18 mm Makarov, although they do not offer it as loaded ammunition,
according to their current website catalog.

Can anyone confirm (or deny) that they have made any cases in this caliber, preferably with a photo
of the headstamp? No guesses please - just factual information in this instance. If they have made
them, does anyone have any or know where they can be obtained?