9mmP dummy?

9mmP dummy round I think. Fits perfectly in a 9mmP check die. Solid steel. Country of origin?


It shouts Switzerland at me.

The knurling filled with black paint and the ‘X’ on the base are all typical of their dummy cartridges.




Additional discussion and pictures concerning the dummy cartridge you show and other variations thereof are in this earlier thread: iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopi … =8&t=16302

Nice dummy round.


Definitely Swiss. Probably not a normal training dummy which are brass or aluminum (during WW!!) but more likely an armours tool. That is just what I have heard. Perhaps someone knows for sure.

I have never seen a box for this round.


Everyone, thank you. I like armour’s tool.



Similar rounds with an “X” headstamp exist in solid aluminum and solid brass. They definitely are Swiss. Of course, their are many, many variations of the solid-material swiss dummies, with and without knurled rims. When I visited SIG factory at Neuhause Rhin Fall, the workman’s dummies on some benches were solid steel, but with out knurdled cannelure. I forget if the had any markings or not, but I don’t recall them if they did. I will have to check into my collection more, but no time right now, as I have guests from Australia here, and am just steeling a few minutes.

Great fun having them here - Peter comes on the Forum once in awhile and is, among other things, a cartridge colletor. They are a big help to me, as well.