9mmP Headstamp from Denel

This is the new headstamp from Denel in South Africa on 9mmP ammo. I have seen it on 308 Win, but this is the first on the 9mm. Box label still the same and shows the old PMP logo on the headstamps.


We also saw this in the U.S. earlier this year on imported ammo under the brand “BBM”:


Was this headstamp new for 2015, or could it have been around in 2014?

That might have been the case. In our part of the country we have been struggling to get PMP ammo for a few months now. It might be the case that it is more profitable for Denel to focus on export contracts. It would explain why we couldn’t get shooting quantities. Still cannot get 5.56 ammo except for imported ammo. The irony is that we use imported ammo (S&B, Fiocchi) because it is way cheaper than PMP ammo. The 308 Win ammo was known from earlier in the year and my guess is the 9mm headstamp change was also done then. We are only seeing this now on our side.