9mmP Hst ID Needed-TSC & new CBC hsts

Recently found out about two 9mmP headstamps that are new to me.

Can anyone identify the headstamp code “TSC” on the headstamp below?


Also found out about what appears to be a CBC contract headstamp with “L03” on the headstamp. Can anyone identify who this case was made for and the leaning of “L03”?


Any help appreciated!


I have found TSC on our local range, Hs: TSC .223 REM no crimp, no pa lacquer, nickeled primer.

The German trading company Frankonia of Würzburg has its own brand called “Top Shot Competition” (yellow/black boxes) under which they sell cartridges of several calibers (including .22 rimfire and 12 shotgun) produced by Sellier & Bellot, Norma and probably others. The centerfire cases show a TSC headstamp.

BUT: your TSC case shows the military/police “9x19”, not the CIP name “9mm Luger”. So this brand seems out of the question.

JPeelen, your assumption is correct, the “TSC 9x19” is in fact a headstamp made by S&B for Frankonia’s TopShot Competition brand. Original cartridges are loaded with brass primers and FMJ brass 124 grs bullets.

The “9x19” designation was also used in TopShot brand cartridges headstamped "TOP SHOT 9x19".

Edit: I forgot to add that “TSC” was also registered as an independent trademark (application filled 06.11.2010 and granted 25.01.2011).

Lew, I believe that the CBC cartridge could be a contract for Colombia. The headstamp style in four sectors including a two digit lot number (Lote 03) is typical of the contracts made for Indumil. Is your cartridge a reload? Where it was found?

Both of these cartridges are reloads from a major reloader in Europe. The TSC looks like it could be S&B, but it didn’t turn up at the recent Czech meeting.

I have the S&B made TOPSHOT 9x19 headstamped ammo and also a box of the TOPSHOT COMPETITION. but these are S&B military cases loaded by WR Munitions in Germany and with the WR logo etched on the case. It looks like Frankonia is buying their 9mm TopShot Competition directly from S&B now.

Fede, Thanks also for the info on the info on the CBC headstamp. That sounds right.


Lew, these TSC cartridges are packed in what it looks to be the exactly same box as the one with “TOP SHOT” headstamps. The carton clearly indicates S&B.

Lew, can you post a side picture of the cases showing the manufacturer’s logo?

Fede, Here is a photo of he WR loaded S&B cases for Franconia. There use to be quite a few loaders like SM who marked the cases they loaded with black ink. I believe I have another that is laser marked but can’t put my hands on it just now.



The CBC headstamp could be a contract for any customer who specifies that the lot number and year shall be part of the headstamp. An example of one such contract is the Nordic police contract for 9 mm Para ammunition running from 2010 to 2014. It was awarded to MEN/CBC, and because Sweden and Finland wanted lead-free ammunition, they got CBC/Magtech Clean Range ammunition.

I have both lot no. 04 and 07 from 2010, which are certainly from the Swedish contract. Lot number 26 from 2011 is from the Finnish contract. They are all marker “CR” on the primer.

Swedish Box:



Finnish Box:




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By the way, Norway and Denmark did not want lead-free primers, so they got MEN ammunition. The specification that demanded lot number and year to be printed in the headstamp was the same.

Norwegian Box:



Danish Box:


I dont’t have any cartridge that fits any of my Danish boxes, but lot numbers 10-014, 10-015 (box above) and 11-009 are confirmed to be from the Danish part of the contract.

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For decades, Frankonia has been the -I think exclusive- importer of Czechoslowak ammunition (S&B) and small arms (brand name Brünner in Germany) in Germany. I really wonder how a detour via the small firm of Wolfgang Romey (WR in a pentagon) fits into this scenario.

As JPeelen notes the WR and a pentagram are trademarks(<-? not sure if these markings are trademarked as such) found on cases made by Wolfgang Romey on sporting ammunition made for various makes in the UK & Europe. I’ve not seen it combined like on the case side. But only as separate markings. Not seen it on pistol / revolver ammunition either,

The TopShot box of WR cartridges is 50rd, loose pack and says on side “Made in Germany” “produced by WR Munitions…”
, “fur Frankonia Handels GmbH…”. The cases are all headstamped S&B 9x19 09. There is no pa seal or primer color as found on S&B loads (usually blue or green).

Maybe Frankonia got a better deal from WR!


Lew, thank you very much for the picture. I don’t know how many calibers have been loaded by Romey for Frankonia, but his logo is also found in TopShot Competition brand .50 AE cartridges with IMI headstamp.

This topic re TSC and TopShot probably needs to be raised again (Previous posters feel free to re-load your images.

Regarding “TopShot”, there now seems to be quite a few new calibers with this ‘Tradename’; 22LR (some say that it is CCI ?), 45ACP, 357 Mag, 223 REM, 308 WIN, 7.5x55 and 6.5x55 as per the following box:


Are these cases/ammo still (all ?) produced by S&B or are other companies now involved ?

Does anybody know the hs of the 6.5x55 ?

I have used as shooting ammunition two different “Top Shot” .308 Winchester lots with 9.7 g FMJ bullets, marked as made by Norma. One had lot number S9T11, the other had none.
A third lot .308 Winchester with 9.6 g FMJ was made by S&B, lot 785/103.