9mmP Securiblank by SNC Canada & other loads


I just found out (thanks to John Moss) that SNC has out a new blank with blue plastic instead of the whit plastic I have headstamped SNC 9mm pictured below.

Has anyone seen the blue blank??? Is there one available??? Are there any colors besides white and blue???

EOD sent me a photo of another SNC blank. This one is headstamped: IVI 02 9mm and is significantly different than the one I have. Does anyone have one of these available???

There also appear the 9mm FX marking cartridges are available now in orange (a color I don’t have) and in a darker green than my specimen. Any of these around??? Here are the colors I have:

The new CQT short range has a yellow plastic top to the case instead of the older blue, white or translucent white. I have the yellow but John M could use one. Here are the color variations in my collection:

The gray and translucent white are a little hard to distinguish, but the white is the one on the right of the gray.

Here are some interesting variations on the FX rounds:

–The cartridge on the left is the normal pink/red FX.
–The middle cartridge is headstamped SNC 9mm, but the bullet is 0.28" instead of the normal 0.30" diameter.
–The cartridge on the right is unheadstamped, with a steel top on the case and a 9mm bullet. It appears to be the first prototype of the FX.

I also have some strange boxes of the CQT loads and would appreciate any information any of you may have on any of these loads or boxes. They all look like early test samples. All came from the same place. There isn’t much exceptional about the cartridges themselves.

These cartridges are headstamped SNC 9mm 95. Note they were still using the term FX Target, not CQT on the box label. Has anyone seen this type of packing? the rounds did not come in the normal black plastic tray.

These have the gray case plastic and are headstamped IVI 9mm 96.

These cartridges have the IVI 9mm 96 headstamp and the white translucent plastic top to the case. Note that they are in a FX marking cartridge box with an overlabel.

Another box with the white translucent plastic with the IVI 9mm 96 headstamp. They were packed loose in the box when I got them. The label and the reference to the MAS 9mm G1 may indicate they were made for France.

Another French box label, these cartridges are headstamped IVI 9mm 96 and again have the clear plastic bag packing. There is one more box that is identical to this except it is lot 01A01 IVI95 and has the clear plastic bag packing and the cartridges have blue plastic and are headstamped SNC 9mm 95.

Any ideas or information on these boxes would be much appreciated!!!

Cheers, Lew


Lew, I have found this, you likely know it already:

simunition.com/cartridges/se … ing_en.php


simunition.com/cartridges/cq … ing_en.php

simunition.com/cartridges/gr … ing_en.php


EOD, Thanks for the info and for your info on your blank with the IVI 02 9mm headstamp which is different than my SNC 9mm headstamped blank.

Does anyone else have these blanks? What headstamp and what kind of blank??? Thee new blue blank has a different crimp from my white blank.

Cheers, Lew


I have headstamp IVI 01 and 03 both 9mm cartridges

kind regards


Thanks for your post. EOD send me a photo of a different type of SNC blank which I have posted by editing the original message. Since your two dates are 01 and 03, and his is 02, I assume your blanks are the same shape & style as the one EOD sent me the photo of. Is this correct? Do you have a dupe of either of them???

I appreciate the info. Lots of new items out there…

Cheers, Lew


It is odd that these blanks seem to show up more in Europe than in the U.s., with Canada our next-door neighbor! My single specimen of blank, like the first one Lew posted, came from Europe, as did all my specimens of the CQT load with black bullet, until I obtained a partial box here. Only the paint-marker loads seem to show up a lot in the United States. Anyone know why? I have never seen a single one of the blanks on a table at a cartridge show, or been offered one by an American or Canadian collector, and when I say “my single specimen,” I mean just that. I have never even had one single duplicate of that round, even though over the years, I have had boxes full of the paint-marker rounds. Interesting, if somewhat discouraging (as a collector)!

It appears now that there are at least three distinct forms of this blank in 9mm.


John, I agree that the CQT, and particularly the blanks are hard to find this side of the Atlantic.

For completeness, could you post a scan of your steel and brass paint round. I could post a photo but mine is only the case. It would be nice if the thread could document the known SNC variations!

Cheers, Lew


Hi Lew
I will bring 1 for you( headstamp 01)
See you at St-Louis


Many thanks for the photo gyrojet, and thanks for bringing one to SLICS!!! See you soon.

Who knows, by then maybe someone will have turned up some of the blue blanks!

Cheers, Lew


This is the cartridge Lew Curtis asked me to post a picture of. It is an early, probably preproduction paint-marker cartridge with steel collar, and does not have the wide, knurled cannelure below the collar evident on the one previously pictured on this thread. The headstamp of the brass lower case is “9MM L IVI 90.” Next to it is one of the large diameter red marker projectiles that fits this round. Oddly, the projectile appears to have been fired but did not split open. I could be incorrect in that it has been fired; it has marks like rifling striations on it, but they appear to be black, like oil marks or sealant marks, and not indented into the plastic. Next to that is a normal, current red-marker projectile, showing its smaller diameter.

Collection of John Moss


I received an email confirming that the CQT box marked 96 with the French label in blue and the CQT rounds with the blue plastic “pusher” were issued in France.


Lew do you mean this one !!!

Who knows, by then maybe someone will have turned up some of the blue blanks!
Cheers, Lew


I am also have the next boxes

FX blue and red en white and orange markings…


Great info!!! Many thanks!!! I will see you at the ECRA show this fall!!! I hope to get a set from you then!!! Thanks for the box photos.

Cheers, Lew


This blue IVI SecuriBlank’s are now in use at, at least one, Dutch Police Force for real practise. Before this Simunition (blue or pink) has been used, but some policeman got problems bij getting hit by a bullet, even if they know it’s paint.


The blue Securiblank’s are used for training in the Met Police, London. I have one IVI 9mm 07.



The Dutch still seem to use the IVI blue and pink/red ‘IVI’ marked rounds. Just got some examples that were found at a local training area.


Hi all,

Can anybody tell me why the CQT cartridges have four different kinds of collar colors? Does it have anything to do with customer demands, is it for a practical purpose like assigning impacts to shooters after a firing exercise, like the colors in the FX cartridges, or were the blue, white and gray colors only applied in the early stages and later Simunition switched to yellow for a uniformity reason? Phew, long scentence :-p





My guess is that the color used on the cartridge matches the color used to identify the conversion kit that goes with the round.

The CQT conversion kit would be marked with a yellow color, signifying that the rounds with the yellow collar can be used in that system, etc…

Perhaps they changed the collar colors after development of new/alternative conversion kits? Or perhaps it was contract driven: a customer requesting a certain colored conversion kit and colored rounds to match it.


I have a IVI 97 sample