9mmP Spanish Civil War Production by Portugal/DWM

There are cartridges that have turned up in Spain and are identified there as dating from the Spanish Civil War based on the ammunition they were associated with. The headstamp code “SPC” has also been identified as Sociadade Portuguesa de Cartucheria. They were previously discussed on the Forum at:

Below are the images of the box and the headstamp.

SPC box-sml_zpsfkz0e6yf.jpg~original SPC-hst_zpszfirbcst.jpg~original

I was told by a Spanish source when I first obtained these cartridges many years ago that SPC was a Shotshell company that was acquired by DWM or hired by DWM to produce these cartridges using DWM components and a primer made by SPC. A very knowledgeable Portuguese source said a Spaniard told him that they were produced in Portugal between 1936-1940, secretly, for General Franco. Another German source said they were manufactured by DWM and SPC was simply a front company established by DWM as a cover.

Recently I obtained a full box similar to the one above which contained a significant number of these cartridges but headstamped DWM K 480C K. This pretty well establishes the DWM connection, but what was the connection?

Does anyone have any information on these cartridges or on who SPC really was. Perhaps there are corporate records out there somewhere.

Any help appreciated!!!


Lew, I have never seen documentation explaining the meaning of the initials found in both variations of this headstamp, but in my opinion “Sociadade Portuguesa de Cartucheria” would not be correct. If this is spelled in Portuguese, then the word “Sociadade” should be “Sociedade” and “Portuguesa” is correct, although “Portugueza” and “Portuguêsa” were also still in use around this date, but the word “Cartuchería” is not Portuguese but Spanish. The correct Portuguese word should be “Cartuchame”, which is rarely used today. If this is spelled in Spanish it should be “Sociedad Portuguesa de Cartuchería” or “Sociedad Portuguesa de Cartuchos”. In any case, I don’t have information about a company using these names.

However, there was a Portuguese company using the initials “S. P. C.” that was the “Sociedade Portuguêsa da Cheddite” dedicated to the manufacture of explosives, fuses, primers and electric igniters, but by the date that these cartridges were made its designation has long since changed to “Sociedade Portuguêsa da Streetite” (see ad from 1934 posted below). Do you remember if your copy of the catalog mentioned the early designation?



Fede, Great help! I am not surprised the name has a problem. Unfortunately, I can’t even remember who I got this material from and haven’t seen the catalog cover copy in decades. We have had boxes go missing on a number of moves and some included my cartridge stuff so who knows. I may have made a mistake when I copied the name. The guy who wrote me may have written the word in Spanish instead of the Portuguese by mistake.

This is exactly the type info I was looking for.

Perhaps someone else has some information or ideas.