9mmP with pointed copper bullet

I have this 9mmP round with copper bullet that is pointed. Everything is non magnetic. No HS.



These are French by SIB (Société Industrielle de Balistique, 3 rue des Moines, F-78000 Versailles), a small family owned enterprise founded by a former Croation, Stefan Buljovcic. They made a number of different bullet styles, this being one of the more common. There are lots of variations in weight and shape. Often loaded in US or French headstamped cases, but not unusual in unheadstamped cases. These date from the early 1980s.

You can find them in “Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges” by Brandt on pg 615.

There are also some previous threads on SIB.


These are often confused for, and mislabeled as “Arcane” loads, which were also French, from around the same era, and with similar pointed beryllium copper / bronze projectiles. The give-away is that the Arcane bullets always went flush to the edge of the case-mouth, and the SIB’s always seem to have some degree of recess in from the case mouth, like this one does. The SIB’s usually have a slightly longer overall length as well.

Thank to all, my mystery solved.