9x17 by Arsenal (Bulgaria)

Thanks to Lew I got reminded of the latest Arsenal offers.
There they are listing 9x17 “.380 ACP” (9mm Kurz) with 3 different cases. The caliber itself is a bit unusual for Bulgaria and the 3 offered cases leave the impression that these might be made elsewhere.

Has anybody seen the hs on all 3 types and had a close look to the boxes?


The cartridges:
ammoimporters.com/products/9mm-x … 0acp-ammo/

PS: yes, the shown cartridges in the 9x17 section are 9x19…

A look at their site would indicate that the only Arsenal ammunition they really have in stock is 7.62 x 39 - them and every one else in the world.

I don’t like the fact that I could not find any actual address for them anywhere on their site. Anyone know where they are actually located?

John, their facebook site says San Diego, CA.

Now as you say it! Means the other calibers are not around yet…

EOD - I hope that is correct. I have dear friends in San Diego, and also in El Cajon which is basically a suburb of San Diego. If I can find their address, I can probably get more direct news about when they might have more of the Arsenal line than they seem to now. Thanks for letting me know.

John, yes, any news would be great!

FWIW- An article in The Small Arms Review, August 15, 2014; concerning the SAM7R Rifle, shows Arsenal, Inc. (US manufacturing for Arsenal of Bulgaria) is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Phone (702) 643-2703, email at customerservice@arsenalinc.com

Brian, this puzzled me some time ago as they have no ammo on their site:
And the Arsenal ammo we know comes from others.

Here is the contact information:

Ammo Importers LLC
Cooper McLaughlin
Sales Director - Partner
17959 Bluegrass Rd.
Ramona, CA
P: (619) 889-4836
F: (888) 958-1153

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