9x17 by Norinco with hs "CWL"

A Canadian trade house is offering 9x17 (brass cases) claimed to be made by Norinco (in fact one of the Chinese state factories represented by Norinco).
The hs is “380 AUTO CWL”.

Can anybody confirm these to be from Norinco (or Chinese at all) and maybe have more images of the box (backside?) and a proper hs image?

Image from the advertisement:

canadaammo.com/product/deta … box-of-25/

Here is a thread from the original seller “canam” talking about it, with better photos:


Matt, thanks a lot!!!
It is only three years ago and I managed to forget about already.

EOD - Do’t feel bad. You know what I wrote you in an email - that I had never seen this box before. Looking at that old thread, I have no memory of it what-so-ever, even though I participated in the discussion. I guess the good thing about this Forum is the huge amount of information that passes over it; the bad thing is that it is simply too much for many of us to digest and remember. I’ll settle for the good part!

I have the same blue box (25 round) that Lew has, as well as its big brother (50 round of the same pattern, which unlike the 25-rounder, is not marked Griffon, but rather a big “MADE IN CHINA.” I also have a red box absolutely identical to 50-round blue box in all other ways except for the basic box color.
I got my blue box empty, but the red one contained ammunition headstamped “L 9x19 Y 93” giving us some idea of the time frame of these boxes. My 25-round box for 9 mm was for ammo with the CWL headstamp.

Regarding the older thread’s discussion of Colonial vs. Continental in the name of the company, it is clear to me from that thread that I received the wrong information from whatever RSA contact had sent me the cartridge and box for 9 mm - too long ago for me to remember - and that is is NOT Colonial as I mis-stated, but rather “Continental.”

sorry for that wrong information, and for the comments denying every seeing the .380 box in my personal email to you.

John, no worries! As you said, if someone’s interest is wide spread it becomes more difficult to remember everything!