9x17 headstamp ID

Is anybody able to ID this 9x17 headstamp?
Case is brass with Boxer primer.
It appears a bit like Hungarian MFS made but not to 100%.
Any ideas?

HS reads:
3h: 7
6h: 9mmk
9h: K


Hirtenberger Patronen und-Zundhutchen Fabrik, Austria.

Made for Musgrave in South Africa during the embargo years.

In pistol ammunition, found on 6.35 mm, 7.65 mm, 9 mm Kurz, 9 mm Para,
.38 Smith & Wesson and .38 Smith and Wesson Special, as I recall. Am a
little cloudy on the revolver ones, as don’t collect revolver cartridges. May
have appeared on some rifle rounds too - I simply don’t know.

Occasionally, on a couple of the auto pistol calibers, it is found with “mus” at
the 12 O’clock position on the head.

John Moss

P.S. If need, I can supply a list of all the auto pistol headstamps, I think. Since
the dates are, in a sense, coded, I collected all dates in this and think I may have
a complete set of the auto pistol ones.

John, great info!
I knew there were similar ones by Hirtenberger for embargoed RSA but had nothing to compare with and my memories on all this were blurry.

No need for further lists, thanks a lot!