9x17 K HS ID

Hi All

My Friend found on Reibert.info.ua so interesting HS … 9mm K 40A FN
FN would point to Fabrique Nationale … I’m curious about the meaning of 40A. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything about it. The caliber is obvious, 9x17 Kurz. Maybe someone has an idea? Thank you in advance…


Do you know the used case material? Brass? Steel? Could it be a transitional headstamp of the FNplant after German occupation?

The cartridge is made out of brass, according to Reibert people talking. I find it funny how the original poster from Ukraine is posting in Russian, and then another answering him in Ukrainian. And all have German pseudonyms.

On that Russian-language forum, the first set of pictures is such poor quality it is hard to tell anything about the headstamp. The second set of pictures, in color and with the cartridge held in a set of pliers, it is somewhat easier. Enlarged, it seems clear to me that there is NO letter “A” after the date, but rather simply a corrosion spot. I have this 1940 FN cartridge in my own collection, in excellent condition, and there is no entry what-so-ever after the numerals “40” until the next entry “FN.”

What appears to be an entry, in an enhanced viewing, seems to me to be nothing but a spot of corrosion very much like some other spots on the head and the primer cup.

I don’t read Russian, so have no clear idea of what the Russian Forum comments have to say about it.

John Moss


John, you are absolutely right, in the first pictures the letter A is an optical illusion.
On the second portion of the photos you can see it perfectly.
So the puzzle is solved, Standard HS; 9mm K 40 FN
Thank you all !!