9x18 PPU stop-cartridge


Does anyone have additional information about PPU 9x18 stop-cartridge?



This is a completely new one on me. The bullet appears to be about
the same as that on the Bulgarian-made “STOP” cartridges. Hope
these become available from PPU.

John Moss


I think this is a Bulgarian made load by Vertex. They are known to use all sort of foreign cases as they do not have an own production.



Perhaps you are right.
3D-graphics from Vertex:


I agree that Vertex is a likely suspect for the loading of this round. The
only thing that bothers me is that in the actual picture the case mouth
appears to be way over-crimped for a cartridge that headspaces on the case
mouth. That is a very heavy roll crimp that reduces the case mouth down
to about the diameter of the projectile. It is the sort of thing I would expect
to see from an inexperienced reloader. Well, just my opinion. I wish these
Vertex rounds were available in the US or even more often seen in Western
Europe. I do not have a single sample of theirs, although I have the earlier
ones that I believe were done at Arsenal (Factory 10), Bulgaria.


John, the 9x19 on a Russian steel case has the same type of crimp.

The confirmed Arsenal load in .38 Spc I saw had a black bullet and a similar heavy crimp.
There is also a 9x18 with a roughly made black bullet on an Arsenal case but here again it is hard to tell if Vertex bought cases from Arsenal too or is just using foreign manufacture (to maybe prevent confusion).

I assume the soft bullet material requires a somewhat heavier crimp as otherwise the bullets may be pushed into the case. I wonder how this will influence propper chambering in auto pistol calibers.


EOD - that was my wonder too. The crimp evident on that
9 x 18 mm round pictured on this thread actually turns into
the projectile. In a cartridge made to headspace on the case-
mouth, this crimp is so extreme it appears part of the case could
enter into the throat of the barrel, unless held firm enough by the
extractor to avoid that. In the rimmed .38 Special Case, the amount of
crimp is not a factory except regarding bullet-pull. There would be no
headspacing problem, of course.

I suppose in practice, these 9 x 18 rounds have not given problems, or
I am sure VERTEX would not crimp them in this matter. Sometimes theory
is not reality. I did though, before making my postings, try a DDR and a
Russian standard drill round, feeding from the magazine, in a Makarov
Pistol, and the extractor does not snap over and into the extractor groove
of the cartridge until it is fully seated. That is, the slide is simply pushing
the cartridge, not yet caught by the extractor, into the chamber. So whether
or not the cartridge would enter the chamber too far is a matter of how much
resistance the case crimp would provide in allowing the extractor to snap
over the case rim before the forward motion of the slide was stopped.

I have Arsenal-headstamp cartridges of this type in my collection dated
91, 92, 94, 97 and 00, and one in a Russian lacquered-steel case, not a reload,
but a brand new, primed, red PA case from TCW. All have a slight roll case-mouth
crimp, but none appear to be as severe as the one pictured here, in the PPU case.

Well, probably much ado about nothing. Just an observation on my part, as not
just a collector, but a shooter and reloader as well.

John M.


Vertex website now has information about 9x18 stop-cartridges

But NITI published a new photo of the cartridges and also in a brass case…

Also in 2015, NITI has supplied 10,000 cartridges to the Ministry of Justice…


What does the package intend where it says keep away from “stroke”? … Vibration / impact of dropping?


Ruslan, thanks for the new photo!


Could “stroke” refer to lightning, as in struck by lightning?


I think, someone has translated this word like a medical stroke, but it means in german “Schlag”, in the wording of Blow, strike, using force on the ammo, avoiding shock Impact or something like this…
The same now on many ammo boxes…and every Country has ist own words for what you should not do with the ammo…
I am waiting for the sentence: "Do not put in the microwave, do not cook it, or something similar"
People gets more stupid and need everywhere advise :-((