9x19 Action 4 made by DAG

I have the 9x19 Action 4 cartridge with headstamp 9x19SRA4 DAG02M0816.
Please, help me to ID letters SR in this headstamp. Coud it be abbreviation of Sintox Ruag?

A 2003 certficate describe this round as “9mm x 19 SINTOX, ACTION 4” under the Technical Directive “Patrone 9 mm x 19, schadstoffreduziert”.

Another 2007 certificate change description to "“9 mm x 19 (SR), SINTOX Forensis, Action 4”.

SRA4 may stand for “Schadstoffreduziert Action 4” (Less residue Action 4).

Another document dated 2009 confirm the significance of “SR”:

2.3 Patronenprüfung - Äußere Beschaffenheit und Kennzeichnung
Jede Patrone ist auf dem Patronenboden mit folgender Identifikationskennzeichnung zu versehen:

• Kaliberangabe 9 x 19 und Sonderkennzeichen (SR) für schadstoffreduzierte Munition
• Herstellerkennzeichen
• Fertigungsjahr
• Fertigungsmonat
• Losfolgenummer.

This is my translation (corrections welcome):

2.3 Cartridge testing - External quality and labeling
Each cartridge identified in its base with the following markings:

• Caliber 9 x 19 and special symbols (SR) for less residue ammunition
• Manufacturer identification
• Year of manufacture
• Manufacturing month
• Lot sequence number.

SR = Schadstoffreduziert = reduced harmfull/poisonous compounds

Thanks a lot for great comments

By the way, what means letter M in lower part of the headstamp?

M is the month code:

A = January
M = December

As we discussed before, the months were following the alphabetical order like:

A = January
B = February
C = March
D = April
E = May
F = June
G = July
H = August
I = September
J - October
K - November
L = December

M - is absent in this list.

Treshkin - it may actually be either “I” or “J” that is missing, not “M”. EOD will have to tell us for sure. Those two letters are essentially the same in German, and have in the past often been used interchangeably (ie: Jngolstadt; Ingolstadt). In some other German codes for dates one of the two IS the absent letter, but I forget which one.

Yes, I know abot this interchangable letters, but I don’t know it’s correct use in modern headstamps. That is why I ask my question.

Treshkin - I thought you would know about that. I didn’t realize your posting of the months was a question. Sorry about that. Still hope EOD or someone fills in the blanks on his posting. That will answer the question for both of us. Hugs to your family. Will start Monday putting together that package we talked about. Have already dug some things out, but more to go. Have had a dear friend as a house guest on and off this week, and other business, and have range duty this weekend.

Thanks, John. I also wish you and yours all the best. I get some new headstamps for you and waiting for boxes which we discussed before. Hope, I will be able to send them to you asap

John, you are right, it is about the “I” and “J” which in official German documents is used only as one letter since it is too difficult to tell them apart when written.

The official Bundeswehr manual is saying about the lot-# as of 1989:
Code letters are “A” - “M” without “I”

EOD, thanks for this info!

Thanks EOD! It is a relief to me. Lately, it seems, most of my “guesses” have been wrong. I have run into this with “I” and “J” before in Alphabetical sequences in German, and figured that was the case. Of course, if you had not shown December as “M” in your initial posting, it would not have even occured to me in this context. Thank you, my friend.

John, I had to look it up myself and before that I was also not sure about the sequence of the letters “I” and “J”. Just this thread sparked it. We are all learning.

Didn’t draw attention that this cartridge was made in 2002, in the year when Dynamit Nobel sold it’s ammunition sector to RUAG. So the questin is - who made this cartridge Dynamit Nobel or already RUAG?

this box is from 2001

Treshkin, maybe the question is somewhat unclear to me (my age and my bad english) but the cartridges are made by DAG in either case. Just after becoming part of RUAG an additional marking was printed onto the box.

Is this image of any help?:

2005 without "RUAG"
2010 with “RUAG”

[quote=“gyrojet”]this box is from 2002

Gyro, on the box it says 2001.

EOD what did you say about (age)… thanksssss