9x19 and 9x18mm Cutaways

Top row 9x19,
Gun show load “Starburst” with painted yellow tip, DAG SX B90 9x19A3 (red PA), 9x19SRA4 DAG 06E0811 (green PA)
Bottom row 9x18,
94gr hollow pt LVE 07 (Silver Bear), 120gr hollow point, Steel core 04 78, Ball LVE

Very nice work! I like the Makarovs. I have quite a few Mak cutaways done primerily by a .223 collector friend of mine. I never used to pay attention to them, even considering them to be a waste of a good cartridge, but this Forum taught me what a stupid opinion I had on the subject. I really like them now. Unless the primer is something special where something can be learned from cutting them away, I favor scopping the case side just above the extractor groove, keeping the headstamp intact. Best of both worlds, with every feature of the cartridge except the primer pocket still there. In what I collect, a primer pocket is pretty much a primer pocket - not a lot to be learned which can’t be from simply looking into the empty case to see if it is Berdan or Boxer.

At any rate, love to look at them and am in awe of you guys who can cut a cartridge apart so skillfully.

Some more…

Excellent! Thanks very much.