9x19 and other ammunition by LAHAB from UAE

I just stumbled across the company LAHAB from the UAE.
To me they are a new and besides identifying their factory code “EBM” it seems to be another company in the region (like Caracal/ADCOM and OMPC of Oman) which is buying know-how and licences from other OEMs.

On their website the code “EBM” is featured on their 9x19 headstamps and on 40x53SR rounds.
Unfortunately no propper catalog to download.

Maybe of interest to somebody.


Images from their website:
9x19_ball_by Lahab_UAE

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Headstamp looks like it could be Turkish! Perhaps Turkish machinery?


The 40mm grenades is it common to list the case length before the dia. 32x40?

Or it that how the UAE does it?

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If the did it might be a faulty translation as rabic script goes from right to left.
IF that would be the case it should read 53x40.

The point here is that the “32” is no measurement at all. They tried to say that the box is holding 32 EA rounds and used some uneducated way to do so. Happens when the interpreter who did this is not as good as he thinks…

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