9x19 arabic box translation


I’m currently going through my latest ECRA finds and could use some help from someone who can read and translate this box label for me. (which, as John kindly pointed out below is Arabic, not Farsi).

The rounds are standard 9x19 ones, a head stamp is included in the pics.

I cannot translate this box label, but the language is not Farsi, but rather what we generally call Arabic. Farsi is a different language, that of Iran (Persia). This 9 mm ammunition was made at Arsenal 27 in Egypt.

John Moss


Thanks. Since my Farsi is about as good as my Arabic it’s no surprise I got it wrong. :)


Your cartridges are well known and common standard Egyptian (Shoubra, code 27 ) manufacture.

Sorry, but about the exact label translation, you should better ask Allah!!!


Geachte Vlim, you just need to ask:

Republic (of) Egypt Arabian
Shoubra company production engineering
36 cartridges 9 mm Barabillum (Parabellum)
Powder nitrocellulose

Packaging (load?) jm (gram?)
Number 7

I can already tell you now the last line in pink is the production lot and year on other labels, but how they express it exactly I will owe until later this upcoming week.

I have this box

Your labels had been send to sombody who will translate it, if it’s Arabic.
Hope to get an answer soon

“if it’s Arabic”

As posted above, it is Arabic, from Egypt. The headstamp says ARE 27 76.

Just as point of interest that is real close to the worst 9 mm ammo I have ever had the misfortune to buy and try to fire.Cracked necks, differing amounts of powder,variations on bullet seating depth ,high primers,etc.Yes of course I bought large quanities.Was so bad I pulled all the bullets for resale and burnt the powder.

You should have checked the philippine ammo that the spanish Guardia Civil bougth from the Arms Corporation of Philippines about 1986 (headstamp 9-P ACP 86). This ammo broke down half of the Star BM pistols in the corps. The case mouth was rebated over a cannelure in the bullet, à la .38 Special (a headspacing nightmare), plus I have seen rounds with no extraction cannelure.

The Guardia Civil also bought 9 mm Browning Short ammo from them (9-C ACP 86). 9-C stands for 9 Corto (short).

Wonder why I didn’t buy a carload of that too?

I got the translation but how do I post the image…?


You can upload it to a photo service like www.imageshack.us, and copy the link from there.


my regrets I made that promise, the guy is travelling and has no access to his mails.