9x19 ARCANE - info wanted


I have corrected the error in mu first post. Of course it should have been “copper”.

The paper by the French collector who provided most of my info on Arcane says:

“They were handloaded on Hirtenberger brass, some also on SFM cases, depending on what he had at hand.”

If your HP round came from PMP, I suspect it was made by Bodet and sent to PMP.

Just for info, I had no trouble downloading the .pdf, and thank you, since I do not shoot the 9mm I am happy to see the .45 ACP information!

Lew - thank you. I got the round in a trade, years ago, from South Africa, but I have no evidence what-so-ever that it actually came out of PMP. I don’t recall know if it was even offered to me as such. When I got it, it had the little handwritten remark stuck to the case and so I just left it there.

I know that these Arcane cartridges were loaded in many different maker’s cases:

.380 Auto: HP
.45 Auto: HP; W-W
9 mm P: HP, W-W; Geco; No headstamp (nickel primer); No headstamp (copper primer); SF83 9.

There are probably more.

John M.

Here is a link to Handgunner articles. You can scroll down to the Nov/Dec 1981 issue. Arcane article on page 42.

The 120 grain .451 caliber had a 60 degree conical as I recall, and the 9mm and 38/357 a 70 degree.

I never met Bodet but talked to him on the phone several times, and one of his friends visited me, bringing more ammo and components with him. I was not sophisticated enough to ask if the copper rod was hard or half hard prior to turning. Fabrice claimed to have had an “aha” moment when he shot a solid copper (90/10) 8 mm Lebel balle D through an oak log he was using as a backstop.

As others have remarked here, he had no training as an engineer or machinist. He told me that he would show up at a French police station with champagne and his Arcane ammo and have a demonstration.

Regarding the “Argentine Arcane” cartridges mentioned above, they turned out to be original French Arcane loads. In the 80’s, they sent a few samples por police tests, but I don’t know the results.