9x19 box from Agulia for Central America

I just ran across this box on the internet: I can’t make out the headstamp. I did not know that El Salvador had an ammo factory! Is this made in Europe for them?

This is the address on the Facebook post!
Has anyone found a box of this ammo???
I would really like to know the headstamp.


“Golden Eagle” brand made in Mexico by Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V. It has the ☆☆☆☆☆ 9 mm headstamp that showed up years ago in Águila brand boxes.

Thanks Fede!

If you zoom in you can identify 5 stars (now knowing you are looking at stars).
Did the Aguila brand have 4 or 5 stars in the headstamp?

Both have 5 stars, I missed one in my post, thanks for the correction.

Oh, it was definitely not a correction on my part. I lack the knowledge or expertise to correct anyone on this forum. It was only an observation and looking for clarification. :blush:

By the way, the box bears the CIP ammunition approval from Spain (Eiba proof house).

Fantastic box. Also would love to own such. Could you pm me with link where you bought it? employee monitoring

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A quick search of the internet shows sellers who stocked this item and advertise on the internet are sold out.


I wish I had bought one. My search indicates the only currently available source is apparently in El Salvador. The only US source I could find is sold out as BDGreen indicated. That source was selling them in 1000 round lots so some gun shops or dealers may still have some on the shelves.

If you find a source, buy a box for me!!!


It would be interesting to know, if anyone has a box of this ammo, whether there is anything on the box itself that shows it was made specifically for El Salvador. Obviously, the cases are from México, and Fede’s comments would indicate the actual brand and ammunition-loading company was Industrias Tecnos, of México.

John Moss

I think the presence of the CIP ammunition testing symbol is a strong indicator against production specifically El Salvador. Neither Mexiko nor El Salvador are CIP members. Why then take the trouble and spend the money to have the ammunition tested by the Eibar proof house in Spain?
My guess is planned export to a country which is a CIP member, because in that case the test is mandatory.

A website illustrating this box at:
also illustrated this:

The site appears to be Q&A/Forum site run by Ranger Arms & Ammunition.

The website also shows these boxes:







Perhaps this post will shed some light.

The US dealer who offered this 9x19mm ammo is at:
and gives no indication of the source of the ammo.


Lew, that gun shop address is from Guatemala, but this brand is not specific to any country, they have been using it since the mid 90’s, but mostly in .22 Long Rifle.

Regarding the CIP test in Spain, they have been doing it there for more than 25 years, no matter who the customer is.

Below you can see the back of the box (.22 LR):



Many thanks Fede for sorting this out. So these are all basically Aguila boxes used for sales in Central America? Are they also sold in South America?