9x19 bxn for CZ vx 50 SMG


This defective round came from a box of 5 chargers with bxb 9x19 rounds, 8 on each “51 O” stamped straight, strongly resembling 9mm Styer chargers, except they are 9x19. Were some of them rechambered into 9x19? Or someone just placed 9x19 into 9x23 charger? Also, what could cause such a defect near the mouth of a round? It is so elevated that I have to press it with my finger so it does not roll on the scanner.


No, they were put on strippers at the factory for use in a Czech 9x19 SMG.


That “mouth-fold” is a defect occuring when bullets are seated “miscentred”…the edge of the bullet base catches the mouth edge and rolls it over…common defect occasionally seen in both Pistol and Rifle ammo…usually picked up at inspection, but occasionally gets thru the QA check.

AS to the “Steyr” type 8 round clip. This clip was also used for loading 9mm cal. SMGs of Czech design as also those of 7,62x25 design.
The Magazine is fitted to a Clip adaptor on the side of the gun, and the clips “stripped” into the magazine.
In 1947-48, ZB produced a new Czech SMG in both 7,62x25 and 9mm;
The Earlier pre-war Czech SMGs already had this feature. The same Clip
( M1911 Steyr Stripper with the extended “legs”) was used for all these applications.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


The chargers, while based on the 9 mm Steyr stripper clip made for the Model 1911/1912 Steyr Hahn Pistol, are not the same. The two “Fingers” at each end of the clip are shorter than those on a Steyr Hahn clip. It is possible they would work with a Steyr, I don’t know. I have some nice Steyr pistols at one time, but they went with the rest of my auto pistol collection sold in 1972. I don’t have one now to try.

The clips are for the CZ vx 50 SMG, which later was chambered in the 7.62 Tokarev caliber to comply with Warsaw Pact interchangability of ammunition regulations. The gun has a magazine-loading tool built right in the right side of the it, and this apparatus utilizes these clips. Of course, the clips can use either the 9 x 19 mm or 7.62 x 25 mm cartridges, since they have identical base dimensions.

I don’t think that the Steyr clip would work with the built in loader on the Czech SMGs. There had to be a reason for them to make the clips with shorter “fingers” at the ends. However, I have never owned one of the Czech SMGs, or eeven handled one, so I can’t say that for sure.