9x19 "C3" ID

Another ID request is on this 9x19 with “C3”.
The hs style looks much like made by PS/aym from Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia).
Can anybody confirm or correct my thought?


Alex, this headstamp was made for C3 S.R.L. in Pavia, Italy, but I can’t confirm who is the manufacturer. I thought that it could be Fiocchi but a second look shows that it is indeed very similar to PS, like you say. Regards, Fede.

Fede, that is great info already! Thanks a lot.
Maybe somebody can confirm on PS/aym then?

Ok, I got a feedback from Slovakia. These cases were indeed made at PS/aym.

A book published on PS illustrates this headstamp as their production.


Lew, I studied that book in detail and missed this! Age is coming…