9x19 case with headstamp PS

For a pitty I have only fired brass case with this headstamp

Please, help me to identify the manufacturer of this cartridge/case
What is a meaning of 0 at 9 o’clock and 2 on 3 o’clock?

Thanks for any comments


Považske Strojarne a.s., Pov. Bystrica, Slovakia


Yes, they went bancrupt in 2006.

The box is labeled PS Grand. Known with 2001, 2002 and 2003 dates with 2002 being the most common. There could, of course, be other boxes and dates.



Thanks all for great comments!

Now I remember that I have Karol Smantana’s book where this headstamp decribed.
From 1995 Povazske strojarne create a new company Povzbroj a.s. for producing 9x19 cartridges. From 2000 the inscriptions on the cartridge boxes were chaged to PS Grand

Found more info about this:
In the end of 1992 Považské strojárne a.s. start to produce commercial cartridges cal. 9x19. In 1995 new subsidiary was founded – POVZBROJ a.s., for producing cartridges of this caliber. Starting October 2000 manufacturing of cartridges and pistols were transferred to the new subsidiary – PS GRAND a.s. in Bytča town in northwestern Slovakia, which went bancrupt in 2006.

Since I had to research it for a project:

Považske Strojarne a.s., Pov. Bystrica, SlovakiaFounded in 1867 in Bratislava (then named Pressburg and part of Austro-Hungary) as “G. Roth Metallwaren-, Patronenhülsen-, Zündhütchen-, Bleigeschosse- und Munition-Fabriken Wien und Pressburg” , in 1918 after Czechoslovakia was established the factory name was adapted to Czechoslovak spelling “Jiri Roth”, bancrupt in 1929, sold the same year and renamed to “Ceskoslovenske municne a kovorobne zavody ucastinarska spolocnost Povazska Bystrica”, in 1934 bought by “Zbrojovka Brno” reformed to “Ceskoslovenska zbrojovka Brno zavod II Povazska Bystrica” and moved to Považská Bystrica due to strategic reasons, in 1939 Germanized to “Waffenwerke Brünn A.G., Werk II, Werk Povazska Bystrica”, in 1940 renamed to “Reichswerk Hermann Göring A.G.”, in 1942 renamed to “Waffen-Union Skoda-Brünn GmbH, Berlin”, in May 1945 renamed to “Zbrojovka, ucastinarska splocnost, Brno, reprezentacia Puvazska Bystrica so sidlom v Povazskej Bystrici”, in December 1945 renamed to “Zbrojovka Brno, reprezentacia Po, Bystrica, narodny podnik, Povazska Bystrica”, in 1947 renamed to “Povazske Strojarne, narodny podnik, Povazska Bystrica” and independent from “Zbrojovka Brno”, in 1995 renamed to “Povzbroj a.s., Povazska Bystrica”, in 1997 renamed to “Považské strojárne POVZBROJ, a.s.”, in August 2000 renamed to “Kinex Grand a.s., Bytca, prevadzka Povazska Bystrica”, in November 2000 renamed to “PS-Grand a.s., Bytca, prevadzka Povazska Bystrica”, bancrupt in 2006.
Since 1939 Wehrmacht code “P15A” (applied as “15A”) which switched to “dou” in 1940

Thanks!!! There is a 9mmP J Roth headstamped cartridge (which I don’t have), and this pretty well dates it.


The history of Post-Soviet countries is quit difficult to reserch. And Považské strojárne is not exception

The question of “Soviet history” of this company is:
When it got the name of Klement Gottwald?
Some Sources indicate that change in company name was in 1948, when Považské strojárne, národný podnik, Považska Bystrica became Považské strojárne, národný podnik, závod Klementa Gottwalda, Považska Bystrica
Another sources (for example ŠTEFAN ZUPKO in his article KRÁTKY POHĽAD DO HISTÓRIE VÝROBY PECHOTNEJ MUNÍCIE NA SLOVENSKU, magazine VOJENSKÁ HISTÓRIA 4/2008) call another date - 1st January 1981, when company got the new name ZVL Považské strojárne Klementa Gottwalda, koncernový podnik Považská Bystrica. That’s still a question.

But as we speak about modern history of this company, we have more questions. According to Czech and Slovakian reference web-sites and documents, the name of Považské strojárne was chaged in the following way:

Považské strojárne a.s. was established in 01.05.1992
18.06.1998 the name was changed to Považské strojárske družstvo
Starting 1996 this company was devided in several subsidiaries, such as:

  • According to Karol Smantana, Považské strojárne founded a new company Povzbroj a.s. in 1995 for manufacturing 9x19 cartridges, then this company was renamed to Považské strojárne POVZBROJ, a.s., Považská Bystrica in 05.07.1997 and bancruted 02.22.2006
    After this, at least two companies was established in the same year:
  • PS GRAND, a.s., Bytča (head office at Dobrovičova 8 Bratislava 811 09), established 16.02.1998, now in bankruptcy. According to the interview of the chairman of board of directors of PS Povzbroj Igor Gubala (Týždenník TREND, 21.03.2001), manufacturing of the cartridges and pistos was moved from Povzbroj to PS GRAND in October 2000. New company even took 75 workers from Povzbroj.
  • KINEX GRAND a.s., Bytča (with head office at Dobrovičova 8, Bratislava 811 09), established 16.02.1998