9x19 CleanRange Loads Magtech


found this box at a gun store today.
don’t know if it’s new!!


New to me thats for sure. I take it “cleanrange” means lead free?


CleanRange means, according to the Magtech Cleanrange website, elimination of airborne lead during shooting by means of a Total Metal Jacket (Magtech calls this Fully Encapsulated Bullet, or FEB) and a lead free primer.

Harry, what was the price of the box? I wonder if it’s a reasonable alternative for normal FMJ bullets used by pistol shooters here in NLD.


From the appearance of the bullet and its 124 grain weight, it would almost have to use a lead core that was fully jacketed, either by plating or by adding a metal disc on the bullet base to cover the lead core. Were it a sintered copper or copper-plastic composite bullet, it would be much lighter in weight. A core of another high density material, such as Bismuth, would make the cost prohibitive. Of course the primer would be based upon DDNP instead of lead styphnate. Some small stamping on the primer cup is common to identify lead-free primers, There is nothing new or unusual in such a cartridge design, and I think the US manufacturers all have similar offerings. Manufacturing cost should not be significantly more than for conventional ammunition.

This is not a lead-free round, rather it is just intended to reduce airborne lead and its associated health hazards.


Lot number BN0817 equates to 17 August 2010. L-84 equates to 84th production run of it. So recent production but hardly new.


The ‘clean’ idea has been getting stronger for quite some time in the US. Here’s an add for a Winchester version from 1994, which I happened to have on my desk and thought I’d share. It seems these have a capped base but I have seen some bullets completly jacketed, base included, advertized as “clean”. In my research into lead-free shotshells I have seen reference to Bismuth bullets but don’t know how far they went with that plan.