9x19 Dummies/Snap Caps on the Internet

A German friend today led me into an internet search for 9x19mm Dummies and Snap Caps. With his help and guidance, I came up with 21, most of which I didn’t have. I ignored the ones I already had and the ones that were just assorted reused cases with a plastic bullet stuck in the case. I thought some of you may have some interest!


My Dummy List

  1. image
    X-Round - 9mm Dummy Rounds- Red plastic-black rubber primer Received

  2. image
    Green Plastic-Edvinas Rusteika, Priegliaus S-99 Vilnius, Lithuania

  3. image Received
    Dark Red AZoom 15116

  4. image
    Bass case – ships from Lincoln,CA-manufacturer unknown Received

  5. image
    AZoom Brown A-Zoom, Snap Caps15116—*Received

6, image
A-Zoom 17102 Azoom Striker Snap Cap. Likely the new style Received These rounds are also stamped A-ZOOM 9 mm on the side.

7… image
Pachmayr 17102 A Zoom Aluminum Striker Cap Likely the old style Received This round is identical to #6, but the image made it look like an orange onstead of a goldish color

  1. image
    Medium blue Aluminum Lyman AZoom 15316 Received

  2. image
    Vector Suppliers, Middletown NY - Aluminum —Received–Made in China

  3. image
    Azoom Black 15116 9mm Luger Snap Cap—Received duplicate of #5. This looks like another case of the image making the round look darker than it actually is. Has anyone seen an A-ZOOM round this dark???

  4. imageimage
    Strike Industries 9mm Aluminum Dummy Received

  5. image
    J.W.S. 3D Printed Dummy Rounds, Snap-caps-located in Jeffison IN. These have a black rubber in place of the primer! Received

  6. image
    OEM Glock 9mm Snap Cap Dummy Rounds Orange – GLOCK on side

  7. image
    Steelworx 9mm Luger Stainless Steel Snap CapsReceived in plastic bag
    IvyTechnologies LLC. 7 Carriage Road. Amherst . NH .

  8. imageimage
    Carlsons Snap Caps 9 Red-“9MM P.B.” on side Received

  9. imageimage
    Steelworx 9mm Stainless Steel Snap Caps/Dry Fire Training Round Received
    IvyTechnologies LLC. 7 Carriage Road. Amherst . NH .

  10. imageimage
    OLD GUN Unibody Aluminum Alloy 9mm Calibre snap caps Received

  11. image
    OLD GUN Unibody Aluminum Alloy 9mm Calibre snap caps Received

  12. image
    9mm Snap Cap Dummy Rounds - DURABLE POLYCARBONATE CONSTRUCTION — shipped from Falmouth Maine apparently US ,ade.

  13. image
    safetyammo.com. Green Aluminum – Molon Labe LLC Company appears to be out of business. The web site does not allow me to order—Maybe it is only me! The contact page has been taken off-line. I suspect they are out of business at least temporarly.

  14. image
    Strike Industries. J.W.S. 3D Printed Dummy Rounds, Snap-caps I actually already had one but it is cute. Received

  15. image
    A-ZOOM orange


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Great list friend. I personally use the #7s above and love them. If you plan to practice with them, the striker caps are the way to go over the snap caps. Nice finds

And here is one I didn’t buy:



For those not familiar with the Chinese way of “pieces”. The 6 in a pack is referred to as I piece.

A German friend has done some research and apparently Molon Labe LLC, which offered #20 above, was the US part of the basic Molon Labe which is a German company They have shut down the US part of the company and no longer sell dummy cartridges on ebay.de.

It is not clear who the US company bought the dummies from, but it appears they are US made, but searching Safety Ammo brings up no useful results.

We are still looking for both the green Aluminum and plastic dummies pictured on their website which does not allow orders, nor does it provide a contact.

Does anyone know of a company selling either or both of the dummies pictured below:
image image

If so please let me know!

Id you have either or both of these and are willing to part with them, please let me know or at least post the base markings or post and confirm that there are no base markings!



Here are some more dummies/snap caps that I have not seen before, along with the source or the location where I found it. None seem to be available in the US except as noted.

A very neat item that I wish I had. Great hst! Who is MTS???

These two look like #15 Carlson Snap Caps except for the color, and may all be from the same source.
These are apparently made by an Italian company and sold through a number of companies. including Carlson.

Maybe the Technoframes dummy which is made in italy byvStil Crin SRL will show up in the US, The blue snap cap is on a German site but I can’t find it for sale in the US.



Hi Lew, no. 1 above is a product by PRLBMX s.c. Stadnicki Węsierski (dba as “3Gun”), Bydgoszcz, Poland. MTS stand for “Modular Target System”.

No. 2 and 3 +Carlsons are made in Italy by Stil Crin SRL.



Lew, do you have examples of the packaging for the #14 and #16 examples from Steelworx.

I recently acquired examples of Steelworx .223Rem with both the red dyed and plain bullet profile as you show on the 9mm’s. On my packaging examples, though the company address
is Amherst, New Hampshire, the label states “CRAFTED IN HUNGARY”.

Thanks for the information! The Polish company still shows the MTS 223, but not the 9mmP!


Frank N,

Not immediately available, but there are images of them in round metal tins!


Hi Lew and Frank, the “Steelworx” trademark is owned by ivyTechnologies LLC in Amherst, NH (dba as “ivyTech”), but the manufacturer is ecoMIM Kft., Vác, Hungary. They are made by metal injection molding and this company use the same round metal tins to pack some of their metal products, like spikes, studs, picture hangers, &c.



Fede & Lew, the Steelworx .223 snap caps that I have are packaged in a 2" x 3" heavy gage zip-lok bag with a stick on label.
Thanks for the info regarding the MTS head stamped Polish snap caps.

I have made some corrections to my first post after receiving most of the items!


Lew, Regarding your question on the A-Z00M snap caps, the early rounds were so dark they almost appear black. I have examples of that in my collection.

They seem to get more reddish as time went on. There are headstamp variations as well, although I have not checked my 9 mm A-ZOOMs to see if that is true. I just answered something on 8 mm Nambu A-ZOOM and found I had two different headstamps.

The very first A-ZOOM I ever saw was a sample we got at the store. It is .45 Auto caliber, and a medium grey color. To this day, the only grey one I have seen from A-Zoom. Not sure if it was ever actually offered on the regular market, or was just a prototype sample. I suspect it was offered on the market that way at first, but don’t know for sure. Of course, that one found a place in my collection to live!

Decided to get off my lazy butt and go downstairs and check my Z-ZOOM 9 mm rounds. I have nine variations, eight of which are varying hues and shades of Purple and one is blue. There are three different “primer” setups, four different headstamps, three different color tones, including the blue ones, and two different pointed “bullet” ogives, Headstamps are applied in two different ways, stamped (the very first ones) or etched (all the others). I don’t have one of the reduced-diameter head/rim orange ones yet.

Following are the different headstamps, which do NOT take into account sizes or shaped of lettering, only the actual content:


John Moss