9x19 fake headstamp S&B 15


What do you think about this headstamp ?

Cheaper production for S&B or impersonation under S&B (e.g ZVS Slovakia) ?




The headstamp is very crude compared to S&B’s normal headstamping
these days. However, I don’t see why anyone would fake a 25 cent cartridge.

No answer - just an observation.

John Moss


I agree with John. It isn’t fake in my opinion. It is a strange S&B headstamp . I have seen lots of styles and they may have tried a new bunter process. i have also seen S&B loads which were made by subcontractors and not is Vlaism!!! Maybe this is from a low cost subcontractor.

Thanks for posting!



It looks like the sort of headstamp that Pobjeda Technology would put out.