9x19 German "ad" cartridges


These came from Dan Dietz’ collection labelled as “rare”. Are they?


The 9mm “ad” is made by the Patr.-Zündh.-u. Metallwarenfabrik AG, vorm. Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck/Elbe.

As far I know they made two lots in 1941, 20 in 1942, one in 43 and 44 and 3 in 1945.
Because I have a few in my collection, I don’t want to say it is a rare round.



I agree with Dutch that they are not rare, but I would call them one of the scarcest of the common codes. Not rare like “eej” or “ay” (plastic dummies only) or “hrn” but you don’t run into them in every grab bag of steel-cased 9mm these days, either. Like many rounds, due to attrition, they are scarcer these days than when I started collecting 9mm.