9x19 headstamp HP 00 9 mm 03


Here is a picture of the base of 9x19 cartridge with headstamp HP 00 9 mm 03. Cartridge was made by Hirtenberger AG. Please, help me to identify meaning of the digits 00 and 03.

Thanks for any help


Treshkin - this is a good example of what I would call poor headstamp-content design. Ten minutes after it is out of the box, it is difficult to tell whether it is lot (or month) three of the year 2000, or from 2003. I would say, though, that because they would not likely use a lot number of “00” and certainly it cannot be a month of the year, that this headstamp IS, indeed,
lot or month 03 of the year 2000.

For awhile, I used to speak of Hirtenberg’s “headstamp of the day styles.” They are incredibly varied, I assume due to many contracts with the end user deciding the headstamp content.


Thank you, John