9x19 headstamp question


While sorting range pick-up brass I found a 9x19mm with the following headstamp: “A-MERC 9mm RH”. I know who “A-MERC” is but what does the “RH” stand for???


A-MERC RH headstamps

AKMS, This is a new headstamp to me. Can you post a photo for our records??? I assume it is a 19mm case.

Thanks— Lew


While i have not seen this headstamp before, the letters “RH” dealing with pistol ammunition are usually in context with fragible cartridges, and mean “Reduced Hazard.” I tried to call A-Merc a minute ago, but their technician who could answer this question was out and will not be back until next Wednesday.

John Moss


Here is the headstamp in question:



Here is 2 new headstamps for me:

First one is from new Finnish police (Fiocchi TMJ) training ammo, but second is unknown load.



Did anyone ever figure out what “RH” in the AMERC headstamp means???



Educated guess: ‘Reduced Hazard’.

From their website:

"Frangible Projectiles-Lead Free, Frangible, Reduced Hazard projectiles from Sinterfire, Inc., the International leader in the filed form the core of our new product line. The 38 SPL, 40 S&W, 45auto, 9mm, 380auto, and .223 REM are our response to demand for close quarters reduced hazard munitions. Frangible projectiles break apart into harmless fragments upon hitting a surface harder than projectile itself. Dangerous ricochets and collateral damage are virtually eliminated, while the lead free composition leaves no toxic residue. This so called


I just recently came across an A-MERC 40 S&W RH headstamp. Are these RH headstamps considered rare as they were a small run that happened just before A-MERC went out of business? I would presume they exist in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp?

These were in a 50rd box of Triton “Quik-Shok” :