9x19 ID help

The blue tip round has something written on it about Navy Seals.

The Supervel is a subsonic and has a green tip bullet. It is a commercial style box with no evidence of a military connection.

The flat blue tip round looks similar to a Glaser round I have, except your seems to have a knurl around the bullet which mine lacks. Never heard of a round like this associated with the SEALS, but who knows.


It looks layered, not knurled. Like it’s a 2pc bullet (3 if you include the blue layer?). I’ll take another picture.

If it didn’t have “US Navy Seal Contract” written on it, I would have never thought it.

Sorry, my phone refuses to focus on the round itself.

Does look very much like a Glaser round although with a flattened nose image|500x500image

I logged it in as a glasser, but always hope it might be something cooler :) Most likely it just got mashed, creating the ridge. I found it in a junk bin.

Jestertoo, I have two very similar Glaser rounds with the same flat nose-not mashed-and one has the same W-W headstamp as yours. I don’t understand the two piece bullet and have seen nothing in my Glasers with this feature-photo below.

It could be a SEAL Team item, but maybe not. The SOF guys, Delta, SEALS and all the rest have special acquisition authority. They can take their unit credit card and go out and buy things without a formal contract. They can ask a company, or even an individual to make they something special and pay for it with the card, and except for the bill, there is no record. Even if there is a contract, it could well be classified for some valid reasons, and even if it isn’t classified, it would not necessarily be made public. There is lots of stuff these guys have gotten, or had made over the years for which there is no written records. That is why many find it easy to mark things as SEAL or Delta or something else.

We even had problems, more than once, with people in, or associated with, this community buying stuff or using SOF status to acquire it, for their personal use, or for resale! This problem isn’t limited to the US SOF guys.

Bottom line, it may have been bought by the SOF, or maybe not, and it will take at least a minor miracle to find proof either way. If I had found it, I would have put it in my collection with the mark on it and a question mark in my listing.

Very interesting item. Congrats on your find,



The gen-2 Glaser Safety slugs all had a sort of flat point which looked like a worn tip of a pool cue. Towards the end of the gen-2 run they did start playing with rounding off the ogive of the bullet for auto pistols, but then they morphed into the current modern gen-3 version with the round ball tip. I have never seen one with the step around the bullet jacket from the original post, but it could just be a loading or construction anomaly?

You can see in the photos below how the Gen-2’s looked, with the one on the far right being a sort of gen-2.5 with that weak rounded edge. Then shown are the gen-3, the original eraser-tip gen-1, and then some red, white, and black versions. The Glaser black was a rare gen-2 era load which was +P or +P+, and was meant to compete with the Magsafe “Agent” +P+ loads which were marketed to law enforcement. That was during the pre-internet days of the bliaster-pack wars between Glaser and Magsafe.

The Glaser silvers only came around in the gen-3 era, and are all the round-nose type. They have a frustrating variation of color with some being marbled silver, and some being opaque white which looks just like their Pow’R’ball tips which can be confusing if they get loose.

The last photo shows the evolution of the Glasers to the final attempt they had which you might call a gen-4, and which only came out in 9mm for a very brief time 2 or 3 years ago - the “Urban Response” load. The later gen-3’s got into having scored jackets, and this carried over into the Urban Response load.



Great photos & info, can you please list the cartridges in each photo?

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