9x19 ID--- Hst LEW 05


M939 practice training device
Can anyone tell me who made ?


Speer made it, especially for Lew Curtis. NO! NO! That is a joke! Speer really did made it, but for the
U.S. military. It is a tracer for a subcaliber unit. They original were headstamped “SEL” as their NATO code, which they fitted the name "Sporting Equipment Lewiston (for Lewiston, Idaho, where they are located). Evidently, there was some other company given that letter combination, or for what ever other reason, I don’t know, that made it necessary to change it to LEW. I don’t recall if that is just an abbreviation for “Lewiston” or if they gave it some other meaning. I should have found out by now, but simply never thought of it.



My first identification in summer the same when your !


Sorry for replying to this old topic but I have an question about this type of cartridge. Can somebody tell me where “M939” stands for? I am familiar to this type of cartridge and i know where it is used for but i can not find anything about the “m939” term.

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Vincent, welcome here!

The M939 is a subcaliber round and is used with the M136 (AT4) anti tank weapon:
globalsecurity.org/military/ … 232_10.htm

The weapon itself:


I think to answer Vincent’s question more literally; the M939 number comes from the U.S. Military M-designation system, which is to assign “model” or “mark” numbers to any & all U.S. military equipment. They do this for all of their ammo & weapons, and in this case, this particular 9mm tracer ends up being 939, likely for no particular reason other than it was the next number available which made sense for this series of weapon / munition.


Thank you for your answer Matt, you understood my question perfectly. :)

(Sorry, i am from the Netherlands so my english is not that great).


Recently found this (empty) 1000 round M939 “LEW” ammunition box (can):

I assume the blacked out “1000” and orange stripes indicate the box had been opened and portions of the box contents were used at different times.




What is the meaning of the primer being painted purple on the SEL 91 headstamped cartridge? Anyone?



Signifies the 3rd variation, a pale light blue, applied much less heavier, and similar to the SEL 95 color was used on the 2nd & earlier var.
According to what I was told, when I acquired mine from Dave Andrews.