9x19 id


The following 9x19s in my collection are needing id. Can anyone help?






Unknown 9x19 GR headstamp

AFERHM : Assaociation Française d’Etudes et de Recherches Historiques sur les Munitions.
This is the French group collectors ammunition.
This cartridge is a commemorative meeting in 1995.



GR is a GFL contract for some unknown party. The rounds have shown up in normal GFL boxes, much like the CP headstamped loads by GFL. Perhaps someone else has more information on this headstamp???

Top Shot is the brand name of ammunition sold in Germany by Frankonia handels GmbH. the Top Shot headstamped rounds I have were produced by S&B. There are also rounds sold in Top Shot boxes headstamped S&B 9x19 09 with an etched WR logo on the side which are loaded by WR Munitions in Petershagen Germany for Frankonia.

Top Brass is a US maker (Scharch Manufacturing) of brass for loaders. I believe they make their own brass, but also buy brass with their headstamp from other companies. The one you list is, I believe made by them. There is another with 9 MM LUGER on the bottom which is apparently made by Armscor. A number of companies use Top Brass cases.

I have only seen the USA 9mm LUGER headstamp on unloaded steel cases. These were prototypes by or for Ammo-Load Worldwide in Lewiston ID. I have also seen steel cases with the AMMO LOAD headstamp. I understand that these cases were actually made by a company in Turkey on machinery made in China.


Very helpful, thanks. Perhaps these should be added to the headstamp list.


I agree! Is there someone out there who would like to take on management and upkeep of the IAA headstamp code list on the website? We haven’t have anyone willing to do that for some years now.

The position is open!!!




GR is for Greif brand. Made by Fiocchi, Italy on contract for SKD Jakd Sportmunition Gmbh,Schonebeck. Have only seen in 9mm caliber thus far and amde for just one year for them. Over runs probably being sold by Fiocchi.


You are right. I answered without checking my notes! It is Greif! Have never seen it in a Greif box.