9x19 ID

We were having a discussion on a different forum, and I figured someone here could settle it.

i1136.photobucket.com/albums/n48 … 9c6781.jpg

All that is known for sure is it’s 9x19mm. Thanks much,

your casing look like egyptian or arabic
i had in the past a 7.62x39 round with the same type of headstamp

More precisely, this fired case was made at Arsenal 27 (Cairo) in Egypt in 1973.
I forget off hand if it was called the United Arab Republic or the United Arab Emirate then, but that is what the three Arabic characters at the top of the headstamp stand for. Don’t have time to research it at the moment.

Interesting. Thanks for the input.

Just finishing what John posted, I believe that Factory 27 is Shoubra, and in 1973 I think the Egyptians had reverted back to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Jonny is correct. The factory name is (or was on the last document I have) Shoubra Company for Engineering Industries, Shoubra Branch, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt. They fall under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production, whose offices are in Dareeh Saad, Cairo. “Shoubra” is also found translitered in English-language materials as “Shobra.”

The factory was founded in 1953. Up until now, I believe the only two center-fire pistol rounds they are known to have produced is .380 Auto (9 mm Short) and 9 mm Parabellum. They have produced many rifle and machine gun calibers, up to 14.5 mm Russian MG.

There is one other small arms ammunition factory, designated Arsenal 10 (not to be confused with the WWII Russian Plant with that number, or with Arsenal Kazanluk, of Bulgaria, which has also used “10” as its factory identifier). The factory name is Abu-Kir Company for Engineering Industries, located in Abu Kir, Alexandria. They make small arms and ammunition. The only center-fire metallic cartridge I am familiar with from this factory is .303 British, but there could be more. Rifle ammunition is not my specialty. They also have made shotgun shells there.

John, I think I also have a .380 MkII revolver round from Shoubra.

This is the headstamp style that glockdriver refers to.

This headstamp translated “ARE 27 77” where “ARE” stands for the “Arab Republic of Egypt” which was adopted in 1970. The arsenal designation “27” is at the lower right.

Others have already posted this information, I’m just summing it into a single email with an illustration.