9x19 ID

Recently I saw this 9x19 and nobody near was able to provide an ID.
The projectile was non magnetic.
The hs is:

There is no other info available. Does anybody know more on this round?

2nd gen., EPR, by EXTREME SHOCK this is all I have on it.

This is an instance of a company using available brass to load their ammo, as the headstamp has nothing at all to do with the loading. “NTF” stands for “Non-Toxic Frangible.” “LB” is the headstamp manufacturer identifier used by Longbow, Inc., of Burns Flat, Oklahoma 73624-0624, U.S.A. The principal in the company was, I believe, John Mullins and I think he was the principal in another company, named for him, as well. I do not know when they started in business, but I have correspondence between Longbow and myself dated June 1st, 1997, so that they have been in business since then, at least. Oddly, at the time I got most of my literature from them, they dated nothing, including their personal-letter response to my dated correspondence. Stupidly, I did not date any of their literature from when I got it.

The company Longbow, Inc., was in Yukon, Oklahoma, before Burns Flat. They were also in Martha, Oklahoma, but I am not sure of the sequence of addresses from the information they were taken off of. My impression is that Burns Flat is the most current one I have.

As far as I know, they are still in business, but only the manufacture of the the frangilble bullets to sell to other loading companies. My impression is that they no longer actually load their own bullets or make any other loaded ammunition. Perhaps someone else could confirm or refute that.

Thank you Carolyn and John!
So that is an Extreme Shock load in a Longbow case?

EOD - yes, that is correct. I have that Extreme Shok load (or I should say, loaded with that bullet) with their own headstamp in my collection. That round has a brilliant green stripe across the base, and came out of a sealed package. I have the package, now empty, as well. I mention this because I note that the round originally pictured by you has had a green sealant on the base as well, which adds to the evidence that it is an Extreme Shok product.

It is probably not germane to your question, but since I brought up a possible connection with Mullins Ammunition Inc., and since I searched my file on them, I will complete the report of what I found. I am still not positive that there is a connection between Mullins Ammunition and Long Bow. Mullins, on the little literature I have from them that shows any location. was located in Clintwood, Virginia. I could not find the name of the principal - that is, his first name. I don’t have time to search the internet for it at the moment, so I am going only by my files. It amazes me what little information these companies put in their own literature. Most of Mullin’s, from the internet, doesn’t give any contact information at all, except for a means to register with them, something I seldom do on the Internet. Nothing they print, including peronal correspondence, is dated.

The earliest Mullins information I have advertises PRL ammunition. That is a product (at least the projectile is) of the Powell River Laboratory, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, according to an article in “Precision Shooter” dating from August 1996. That is quite contemporary with Longbow. Later Mullins information no longer shows this, but does offer various bullets, including frangible. Internet information I have in my file dates from 2000 and 2001. I have a c.1996/1997 letter from Longbow signed by a John Mullins, but the gap in location of the two companies (Oklahoma and Virginia) provides no clue that it is the same Mullins, although in context, it seems more than just coincidental.

So, there is the muddle, asked for or not. If anyone has better informatioon on the Mullins Company (and it would be hard to have less information than I have given), perhaps they could add it here if related to Longbow, or if not, give us a thread on Mullins Ammunition Inc.

Great info again John! Thank you very much.

EOD, your round looks more like the ES Silent Warrior as identified by Matt (DKConfiguration) in the below thread:

[New Extreme Shock Headstamp)

Hi Alex,

Here’s a sectioned round. The core is a compressed tungsten powder (or something equally dense).



Leon and Paul, thanks a lot! I wondered why I could not find a matching image of the Extreme Shock rounds (in the web).

So this is a subsonic load with reduced anti ricochet characteristics?

Who made it?

[quote=“LeonGeisler”]EOD, your round looks more like the ES Silent Warrior as identified by Matt (DKConfiguration) in the below thread:
[New Extreme Shock Headstamp)[/quote]
Leon - It’s true it does look most like the cartridge shown 3rd from the left in one of my photos posted there, but Extreme Shock is notoriously inconsistent at times with their loads and coloration. As far as I have seen, the Silent Warrior rds in 9mm will have the purple / blue base, and I have also seen the EPR with larger or smaller tips. Carolyn’s looks small with more of a pinched tip, and ultimately the SW and EPR loads can look roughly the same at times in the newer version except for powder load and base color.

EOD - There is no question that this round is from Extreme Shock. As I mentioned, I have the 6-round packet for this round (but with the Extreme Shock Company’s own headstamp. Incredibly, the packet does not tell what loading it is, in any form that is plain to the customer, at any rate. Just below the Bar Code on the back is the cryptic line of print “9mm 137 SW 06.” I assume that is some sort of ot number or product ID code, but it matches nothing in any of my Extreme Schock literature, nor is this round shown, in the form presently under discussion anyway, in any of it. My literature stops at 2009, after which I could no longer attend the SHOT show.

By the way, regarding the slightly off-topic discussion of Mullins, I note that the address for Extreme Shock in their literature is Clintwood, Virginia.

I don’t know how anyone keeps up with these companies and their products, which these days, seem to change hourly!!!