9x19 IMI Blue/Light Blue/Silver Tip

I need to confirm the meaning of the light blue and silver bullet tips from IMI.

I know the blue tip is 158grains subsonic for carbines.

Is the light blue the same as the blue one?

Is the silver tip subsonic for pistols?

As far as I know, all Israeli blue-tipped smallarms ammo is subsonic. The silver tip 9mm rounds are not subsonic, but standard ball pistol loads. Israeli 9mm was always loaded for the UZI. Sometime in the 1980s problems arose with 9mm pistols in Israeli use. I think most problems were with Helwans and Berettas, but possibly HPs as well. The silver tip ammo was loaded a bit lighter for pistols. Any Israeli military 9mm ammo without a silver or blue tip is specifically loaded for the UZI SMG.

Thanks for clarifying that for me Jon!