9x19 Israeli Skymarshall "TZ 1-72"


What is the advantage of this projectile vs rose-crimped shotshell arrangement (which would not require a new type of projectile?


These act like frangible round in theory, I am told. That is, the projectile will enter a soft target as a normal bullet, but will break apart on hard targets. I don’t know if this is true - only anecdotal evidence. I have never seen them tested in a scholarly or scientific way myself. Maybe someone else has, or at least knows for sure the intent of the factory when they were manufactured.


These are from the same time-frame as the Isreali SSB loads made by Colt. The same sort of squeeze bore would break up the projectile and the result would be steel shot from the barrel. This projectile doesn’t make much sense fired from a normal barrel. The stresses leaving the barrel, or even the barrel would cause it to fly downrange in chunks all or most of the time-not very accurate.

I have never seen anything linking this cartridge to sky marshals. Jon, do you know of anything?




This was labelled by D.Dietz as “sky marshall round”.


I don’t have any documentation that I know of, but this round was ID’d to me as an Air Marshall experimental that was ultimately rejected. At the time Air Marshalls were armed with Beretta Mod. 71 .22 pistols and they were looking for an upgrade. Sayeret Matkal (kind of like Delta) would probably also have been involved with the development.